2.16.15 ~ Mystic, Connecticut

Conjecturing a Climate
Of unsuspended Suns –
Adds poignancy to Winter –
The shivery Fancy turns

To a fictitious Country
To palliate a Cold –
Not obviated of Degree –
Nor eased – of Latitude –

~ Emily Dickinson
(The Poems of Emily Dickinson, #551)
2.16.15 ~ Mystic, Connecticut

The Mayflower II (above) is at Mystic Seaport for restoration. This replica of the original Mayflower was constructed in England and launched in 1956. Her home port is Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts.
some parts in the middle of the Mystic River were free of ice
Elm Grove Cemetery ~ 2.16.15 ~ Mystic, Connecticut

You mustn’t rush about
in endless rings
but learn to love
the nearest things.
~ Arne Paasche Aasen
(The Ways of Water)
2.16.15 ~ Mystic, Connecticut

Not all the lanes were plowed in Elm Grove Cemetery so we couldn’t get to the graves of my White ancestors, but the cemetery was full of interesting snow drifts and shadows, and views of the snow and ice covered river.
ice blanketed in snow ~ 2.16.15 ~ Mystic, Connecticut
2.16.15 ~ Mystic, Connecticut

You must rejoice in life every day; don’t wait until the moment has passed you by before acknowledging what a good time it really was! Don’t pin your hopes on the happiness of days to come. The older one gets, the more one realizes that the ability to savor the moment is a state of grace, a glorious gift…
~ Marie Curie
2.16.15 ~ Mystic, Connecticut

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  1. I know it’s cold, but it all looks so beautiful, Barbara, through your eyes and lens. Loved the quotes, too. I visited the Mayflower II a while back (a long while back, I think, because my youngest son, who turns 30 this year, was still in grade school). I have a connection to the Mayflower and the Aldens (who were pretty prolific when it came to breeding so I’m sure there are many of us…lol!) so that was a must-see when we visited Massachusetts.

    1. Thank you, Robin – I’m trying to stay focused on the wonder of all this snow and ice.

      I cannot remember if I’ve ever been to Plimoth Plantation, although I vaguely remember Plymouth Rock and definitely remember Sturbridge Village. I’m descended from John Alden & Priscilla Mullins, too, so you and I are distant cousins. There are estimated to be 35 million people (12% of the American population) descended from the 24 males on the Mayflower who left children to carry on their lines. Amazing!

  2. Lovely photographs! Seeing Mystic Seaport brought back pleasant memories. I still have a deck prism I bought at a store there many years ago — we use it as a “night light” in the living room.

    1. Thank you, Laurie! We do feel lucky to live so near this living history museum. Something is always happening there – I remember when the Viking ship (replica) Íslendingur came in 2000 – if I had had a blog back then there would have been a very long post about it!!!

  3. Hi Barbara. I thought the actual rock was smaller than it should be!!!!! I loved the plantation reconstruction. Your photos are lovely … Especially the stone girl … Happy snow! Jane

    1. Thank you, Jane! I once looked into having Thanksgiving dinner at Plimoth Plantation, but space was so limited that reservations had to be made a year or two in advance…

  4. It’s so pretty! I can’t imagine this much snow; aside from how cold you must feel, it must be a joy to see and photograph such beauty. 🙂

    1. Fortunately most snowfalls don’t bring such bitterly cold temperatures along with them. It was a joy to get out of the house and drive around, though – a delightful change of snow scenery. 🙂

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