6 thoughts on “everlasting snow”

    1. Oh Sybil, I can think of at least a dozen impolite words you would use to describe this endless snow… (Laughing as I type this – it’s snowing again…)

  1. Emily Dickinson wrote about the everlasting snow many years ago, so it seems this generation is not the first to experience this….but I still think it’s beautiful, (said from my desk, beside window wide open, and wishing for the cooler weather to arrive!) 🙂

    1. Emily’s favorite season seems to have been summer, but I’m sure she experienced many winters with tons of never-ending snow. It turns out that even though February 2015 has gone down in the record books as the coldest month ever recorded in Connecticut history, January 2011 still stands as the snowiest month ever recorded here. (But I think it melted between storms!) 🙂

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