midsummer magic
6.25.16 ~ we celebrated the summer solstice on Saturday
good friends, good food and good fun…
6.25.16 ~ bald eagle
6.25.16 ~ gray catbird
6.25.16 ~ downy woodpecker
6.25.16 ~ downy woodpecker taking off
6.25.16 ~ petunias
6.25.16 ~ daylily
6.25.16 ~ foxglove
6.25.16 ~ daylily
6.25.16 ~ fairy light
as close as I could get to this doe before she stomped her forefeet at me
~ I backed off so she could graze in peace…
6.25.16 ~ chipmunk
6.25.16 ~ so many orbs on a magical night
6.25.16 ~ after a long day of fun in the sun,
a fire to enjoy under a clear sky full of shimmering stars,
with fireflies glowing in the surrounding trees,
and fairy lights sparkling near the grass…

23 thoughts on “midsummer magic”

  1. Really gorgeous midsummer pictures, Barbara. I love how you love nature. I saw the first fawn of the year today. Enjoying summer along with you!

    1. Thank you, Kathy! What a thrill to see a fawn. Isn’t it amazing how we never tire of seeing sunrises and sunsets, and fawns. Thinking of endless renewal and the continuity of life.

  2. Your pictures are just fantastic of all the beauty you captured. I love them all…some of my favorite things you have captured in these pictures. That little chipmunk is so cute, I love them but have never seen a live one. Great shot of the woodpecker taking off. Those petunias in the lattice are so very pretty. What a wonderful day that sounds to have been. Hugs

    1. Thank you, Mags! That little chipmunk was a busy wee thing, scurrying about, up and down trees and branches, and back and forth across the grass and the small footbridge. I was astonished when he paused long enough for me to get a close-up of him. I had been trying to capture a chipmunk on film for years! I’m so pleased you enjoyed the pictures – it surely was a wonderful day. *hugs*

  3. That’s my kind of midsummer magic! Birds – big and small – flowers and the fire! It’s long time since I enjoyed a midsummer fire like that 🙂

    1. Maybe you can have a fire when you go home this summer, even if it’s not exactly midsummer. 😉 I’m looking forward to seeing any pictures you might bring back with you, especially ones of birds and flowers! 🙂

  4. Lovely photos and memories. I love the smell of petunias on the air. I have lots of perennials so I only plant a tub of petunias or pansies at the end of the walkway.

    1. Thank you, Jane! I did not know petunias were fragrant so next time I see one I will have to make sure I do a little sniffing. I have a large pot of geraniums on my balcony. I love pansies – they seem so cheerful.

    1. Thank you, Sheryl! You know, I’m not a fan of summer’s heat and humidity (even though the garden loves it), and am miserable much of the time, but I do thoroughly enjoy those rare summer days when the air is dry and breezy and pleasant – then there is much to relish about the season.

    1. Thank you, Pam. The light was particularly lovely for the camera that day, from late afternoon and into the night…

  5. What a great day you had for Summer Solstice Barbara! All the flowers already and the lantern, but most of all the doe – it was beautiful to see. I love the little Catbird and the Downy Woodpecker with the feeder of peanuts all to itself. You must have been very close to the chipmunk. It will be Winter by the time I get to my chipmunk pictures taken on July 4th weekend. It’s so nice to see the flowers here – after yesterday’s all-day rain and gusty wind, the leaves are wiggling and most have dropped and no hint of Summer flowers, though I saw a few waterlogged mums. Thank you for sharing your doe story as I know exactly how you felt when you saw it.

    1. You’re welcome, Linda, I had a feeling you would appreciate the doe story. That chipmunk was on a little boardwalk on the way to the woods. I was moving closer to the deer and the chipmunk just stayed there, blocking my way, so I took some pictures of him, too. It was an especially memorable solstice — I’m so happy I have the pictures to remember it by.

      1. I did appreciate it Barbara. Though I have had such luck discovering new birds (for me) this Summer, if not for the two chipmunks under the overlook that is sagging and off limits now, I would once again marvel that I don’t see them on a regular basis. I am eager to go through my big camera pics and two different deer pics, on an outing two or three weeks ago when I was looking for wild turkeys and four deer crossed my path, then my experience last Sunday, but I must be patient until I get time to sit down, sort thru and enjoy seeing the pics on the screen. We are lucky to have our pics to remember our great nature experiences.

        1. It’s hard to cultivate patience when there are so many wonderful pictures to make use of. 😉 It’s a good “problem” to have. 🙂

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