serene and honey sweet

“May Morn” by John Henry Twachtman

Another dawn — serene and honey sweet. At such times, it seems to me that dawn is nine-tenths of the day. Staying up late at night has a sameness about it; but every dawn is different. And this is the dawn of May — May, the month that is never long enough. This is May the first as the first of May should be. … On such a day as this, it is enough to spend the hours soaking in the sunshine, breathing slowly, sensing to the full all the perfumes of spring. It is enough to delight in the varied shades of green, in the forms of trees and the colors of flowers. On such a day, all our moments out-of-doors are lived in quiet pleasure.
~ Edwin Way Teale
(Circle of the Seasons: The Journal of a Naturalist’s Year)

22 thoughts on “serene and honey sweet”

    1. Thank you, Frank, and Happy May Day! The weather has been so strange, it’s cooler than average here, yet everything seems to be blooming a couple of weeks earlier than usual…

  1. How I wish our May Day had dawned bright, sunny, and warm! Instead, we get cloudy, cool, and enough wind to knock over a small car!!

    1. You never know what the weather will be like on May Day. One year we went to see some garland dancers and join them dancing around a maypole. I was wearing my winter coat! Other years it is just lovely. This year if was cool and windy but sunny. I hope you have better weather for the rest of May!

    1. Thank you, TD! I love that fresh light green of the new tree leaves in the spring, when one can still see the outlines of branches running through them. 🍃

  2. Very calming picture and matches your quote perfectly. I am an early riser as well … the earlier to be out in nature, the better as critters forage early in the day.

    1. Thank you, Linda! Now, if only I could stay awake past 7:30 in the evening! But it’s true, mornings have many wonders to behold in the world of nature.

      1. I know and agree Barbara. Our early morning walks (and for you, not just the walks, but all this packing) takes its toll on you and your eyelids start to flutter in the early evening. I am also guilty of this!

        1. We used to tease my father because he would fall asleep after supper while watching TV. Now I get it! 🙂

          1. Ha ha – we’d tease my grandmother about it all the time. In later years, she watched her soap operas during the day. She really liked them and I got her a subscription to a magazine called”Soap Opera Digest” because she’d nod off and miss a lot of her shows and would be lost what had happened. 🙂 I’ve been known to fall asleep watching TV even when I was Iyoung and falling asleep while reading a book and dropping it on the floor as well.

          2. Reading puts me to sleep, too. 🙂 So many times, if I was lying down while reading, the open book would fall out of my hands and land on my face, waking me up. 🙂

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