fresh vitality

“Spring at Old Lyme” by Childe Hassam

Laugh though the world may at the vibrations of poet hearts echoing the songs of the youngest of seasons, how can they help it? It is never the empty vessel that brims over, and with the spring a sort of inspiration is wakened in the most prosaic of us. The same spirit of change that thrills the saplings with fresh vitality sends through human veins a creeping ecstasy of new life.
~ Marah Ellis Ryan
(Told in the Hills)

18 thoughts on “fresh vitality”

    1. Thank you, Ally. I’m looking for some vitality, too, as I’ve been under the weather for a few days. Hope you found some!

  1. Spring is coursing through our veins and I guess you enjoyed that little heat wave we had yesterday. We were supposed to get to 84 degrees Tuesday; then they said we only hit 81 but today they said officially 83 degrees for us. The weather folks on several stations were sorry we missed tying the old record by one degree. It is good to see green pastures and trees with their newly furled leaves in this painting as well as read this Spring-y poem.

    1. We got up to 65F yesterday but inland they got into the 70s and a couple of towns hit 80F. Today it’s raining and cooler, postponing our planned trip to the dump, er, I mean the transfer station. (Trying to keep up with the latest terminology.) Every time we go outside the world is a litter greener… Almost like the painting…

      1. We had rain again today – I went out to run the car as it was so damp and the rain stopped, so I walked in the neighborhood, which is not the same and my furry and feathered friends were surely tapping their feet and crossing their arms, er paws and wings wondering where I disappeared to. The latest terminology is hard to keep up with sometimes. Likewise the slang. I find myself using an expression I’ve used for years but find it has a double meaning these days – oops. So I find myself Googling the slang dictionary often. It was amazingly green with the recent rain. In the Summer when you have a heavy rain and go outside afterward, the whole landscape changes with the leaves and flowers so laden with raindrops. It is beautiful.

        1. Yes, it’s a challenge to talk or write sometimes — I find myself looking up words and phrases to make sure my usage is still current and not offending anyone. Leaves and flowers laden with raindrops are indeed beautiful… Hope you’ve been back to visit your friends by now…

          1. I did not go today as we had an all-day rain, but did get there yesterday. I’m hoping tomorrow is better but don’t hold out much hope if they are correct about a rainy week. We need the rain as we are in mild drought conditions. I find the slang dictionary is very handy – way too many times what was a common word or phrase in the past now has a totally different meaning!

          2. Now we’re getting the all-day rain. We entered the “Abnormally Dry” category so hopefully the rain will reverse that trend… Next step, “Moderate Drought” — no!!!

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