through my garden

4.23.21 ~ East Lyme, Connecticut

Trees blossoming like nerves racing through the skin.
Memories of angels with hand on cheek on a traveling cloud.
Perceived like flocks of snow-white deer
in full flight through my garden.

~ Astrid Hjertenæs Andersen

4.23.21 ~ East Lyme, Connecticut

20 thoughts on “through my garden”

  1. Here in Rykkinn, Norway, no trees blossom yet – ONE tree has become green, and that is all – still minus 5 celsius at night/ 23 Fahrenheit- I feels wonderful to watch those whiteflowered trees – are the cherryblossom? or? not apple??

    1. You do have to be so much more patient than we do, waiting for spring to arrive. I’m pretty sure this is an ornamental flowering pear tree, not native to North America. They could be apple blossoms, but look a little different to me.

    1. That’s what I thought when I came across this little tree walking along an otherwise barren landscape. 🙂 Still waiting for the peak of the leaf out!

      1. Our leaves took forever to unfurl this year – likely due to the very cold weather, then snow. The weather is wacky – tomorrow we have our one-day hot spell: 84 degrees.

        1. Your hot spell is due to reach here tomorrow (Wednesday). But here on the shoreline it will be warm, about 70F, and inland about 80F. Then it’s supposed to cool down again…

          1. Just as I clicked on this message I had just returned from checking the thermostat to see how warm it was in here – it is only 74 but humid. The furnace will get a break tonight unless it goes below 72 in the house. We did not reach 84 and break the record but did get to 81 – whew! Nice walking weather this morning and likely for you as well. We have stormy weather for tomorrow and maybe Thursday as well, then cool for here too.

          2. Well, I can’t remember what 81 feels like! But it will come back to me soon enough. 😉 If it gets too humid Tim can’t walk or even be outside but we plan to make use of as many good days as we can until the worst of summer comes in.

    1. Thank you, Timi! I’m so happy to hear that your trees kept blooming in spite of that awful snowstorm you had! 😊

  2. Spring couldn’t come fast enough for me, Barbara … not after that wretched pandemic and an equally difficult winter! Thanks for showing us some of the beauty where you are!

    1. You’re welcome, Debbie! You’ve certainly been through the mill this winter and I do hope better times are coming along with springtime for you. Spring can bring new joy to all of us!

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