the great ocean of sunshine

“The Farm at Trou d’Enfer, Autumn Morning” by Alfred Sisley

There is nothing that makes the seasons and the year so interesting as to watch and especially to keep record of the changes by which Nature marks the ebb and flow of the great ocean of sunshine which overspreads the earth.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes
(The Seasons)

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    1. Thanks, Ally. Yes, it turns out my blog posts serve that purpose for me. I can’t remember much so it’s handy to be able to check back to see what happened when.

  1. It is a beautiful time of year to watch the changing colours of the leaves, but I am wondering if you get snow where you now live in the woods?
    I hope you and Tim are both keeping well. xx

    1. So nice to have you stop by, Joanne! We’ve been told that it does snow occasionally, but not as much or as often as it does up north. We are doing very well here and enjoying having our grandchildren so close by. β™‘

    1. Thanks, Linda. I’ve always been fascinated by that ‘great ocean of sunshine’ illuminating different parts of the earth as it tilts towards and away from the sun. What profound effects more or less sunlight brings to different parts of our planet.

      1. Yes and what a profound effect on our well being. We had a gorgeous day today and the same for tomorrow. I have to get out tomorrow to make up for today’s plumbing fiasco.

        1. Fiasco is an understatement! What an unexpected catastrophe, Linda! I hope you do get out today and enjoy the weather and do your best to put what happened yesterday behind you.

          1. Yes, it was Barbara. I’m thankful that ordeal is over! I did get out today, a beautiful Fall day – it got to 52 degrees today. I was going to rake leaves, but my arm was sore from my COVID and Hep-A shots and I couldn’t raise it. I am glad I had those shots in my left arm, not my right arm. I was recommended to get the Hep-A series in May when I got my last COVID booster.

          2. I bet you’re glad to have this year’s shots behind you now. It’s too bad they have to come in the fall when we’re trying to enjoy the season, but it’s the best time to get them for maximum protection when the respiratory viruses are peaking in the winter. The TV weather man said the last time there was a white Christmas in our viewing area was in 1966. I had been wondering if they ever get one here. πŸ˜‰

          3. Yes, I am glad to be done with those important shots Barbara. Finally today my arm is not as red and I can lift it higher. That was the strangest thing as it didn’t hurt for an entire day and the first time I ever got a reaction like that. I know my high school friend who lives in Cary, NC has shown photos of snow as late as April, but I can’t remember the criteria for a white Christmas – how many inches of snow fallen or in the process of falling.

  2. I like this painting, Barbara! The trees are great. And all the colors on the barn, pink, blue, green, mint give the flavor of a cool morning breeze. I suppose those are two horses feeding in the back grass behind the farmers. I smell hay. On our walk this morning, I noticed that the only Spanish Oak on our street is still green and has yet to turn red. And I was surprised to see chickens meandering in the front yard on the street behind us. It still find it odd for the City to allow chickens and especially without fencing. It certainly doesn’t feel like farm country.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this painting, TD! It reminds me that autumn comes to other places besides the forests, too. I love those long morning shadows. It does seem like keeping chickens in the cities and suburbs is a trend these days. My nephew and his wife now have a little flock, but I don’t think they’re selling them. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen any “fresh eggs” for sale signs around here. It seemed like they were everywhere in Connecticut.

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