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    1. Thank you, Donna! It was actually Tim who got this shot through the window glass. They’ve been here for three days now and I’m so happy every time I see them. 🙂 I love them, too. ♡

  1. Oh so lovely, Barbara. Where we live in No. Calif. there are two subspecies of dark-eyed juncos, the ones who live here year-round and the ones who migrate here for the winter from the Pacific NW. The Pacific NW juncos look more like this one pictured here, more gray than our year-round juncos. There’s something angelic about this individual your husband captured.

    1. Thank you, Jet. How lucky you are to enjoy year-round juncos where you live! I always look forward to the arrival of these little angels for the winter months and I was so delighted to have a pair right outside my window down here in North Carolina. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s nice to know they come even farther south than New England. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Robin! I had no idea they came this far south for the winter! One of the many pleasant surprises we’ve been getting lately. 🙂

  2. We haven’t got our cute little Juncos in Michigan yet Barbara, but I am looking forward to seeing them as Winter arrives. At a glance, you see only the gray part of the body in the snow as their chest is burrowed in the snow as they are ground feeders.

    1. I hope you’ll be seeing them soon, Linda! I was delighted beyond words when they showed up here, I had no idea I’d see them here in North Carolina. They’ve been here about a week now so I’m hoping they’ll be staying for the winter.

      1. They are so cute and perky aren’t they? We’ve had a wonderful week of good weather here – it got to 61 today. But I guess they say the bottom will drop out for Thanksgiving travel next week with heavy rain and gusty winds. There goes my guy doing the gutters and some cement work.

        1. You are so diligent about your home maintenance, Linda. I’m so glad our rent covers all that stuff and that they seem to be keeping up with it. It should get to 70 today and drop to high temps in the 60s for the weekend. Thanksgiving looks sunny here with a high of 56.

          1. I do worry about everything Barbara. One small crack or opening can spell problems later on. My mom used to have a saying for me about the house: “go around the outside of the house looking for problems and hope you’ll find none.” She said that a lot in the Winter to look for icicles hanging down to break off or noting where there were water dribbles to tell the handyman. We got to the mid 60s today – what a treat, but reality sets in soon. I’m glad you have a sunny day for the holiday. It’s too bad if it’s a sloppy or bad-weather day for traveling especially.

          2. Your mom was a very wise woman and by listening to her advice you have a well-maintained and decent place to live. It’s a shame the neighborhood seems to be going to pot around you. Thank goodness we don’t have to travel or host Thanksgiving this year! Bringing my sweet potato casserole six minutes up the road. It can’t get much better than that. 😉

          3. You made the best decision of your life Barbara. Six minutes’ travel time cannot be beat. I had a little setback this morning but once again house issues, but the cause was me and my stupidity with centipedes. So I awoke thinking the worst that could happen today was I got nauseous from my COVID and Hepatis A (second/final in series) shots today. (Nothing, but a little tired right now.) My toilet backed up bigtime and luckily it was just clear water. I flushed it and I keep a Dixie cup over the bathroom sink drain overnight to deter centipedes. I picked up the cup and it went airborne into the toilet while it was flushing and it wouldn’t stop running and went up and over onto the carpet. I have wall to wall carpet. I had only been awake a few minutes, so my brain wasn’t processing to shut off the toilet water shut-off handle … what a mess and squishy carpet. The plumber was here by 8:30, and I was just a few minutes late for my shots. I bought a carpet cleaner to pull up the water (the carpet cleaner has a container that is equivalent to one quart and I got three quarts of water pulled from the bathroom carpet). I cleaned it – the heat is on so it looks better. Downstairs the ceiling panel fell out and was damaged and blocked the drain and there was water in the laundry room. Never a dull moment.

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