as you walk the meadow loop

6.24.22 ~ Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center

A lot had changed in the seven weeks between our visits to the nature center. The trees had leafed out and we could barely see the little mound where Mama Goose had been sitting on her eggs. But on this day the bullfrogs were still populating the pond. After checking out the pond we headed out to the meadow.

We’re squeezing in as many walks as we can before the weather forces us inside. The meadow was lovely with a few well-mown paths to follow through and around it. It was so refreshingly cool that in the shade I wished I hadn’t left my hoodie in the car, but in the sunshine the warmth felt so good on my bare arms. There were lots of birds flitting about, but not too many stayed still long enough for pictures.

eastern bluebird
a small portion of the large meadow
sign surrounded by orbs
birdhouse with some unique “landscaping”
house sparrow (molting?)
clover blossom and bug

Then we walked back through the woods to the parking lot, and enjoyed the different things the dappled sunlight was highlighting.

ferns in a sunbeam
American robin

But beyond perpetual wonders
and mortals asking why
casting its light upon us all
is the sun’s supreme reply.

~ Gunnar Reiss-Andersen
(The Magic of Fjords)

20 thoughts on “as you walk the meadow loop”

    1. It’s always a pleasant surprise when mysterious orbs make their presence known. I do love sharing what I see with you and my readers, Leelah.

    1. Thank you, Peggy! I was a little startled when I noticed the bullfrog spying on me. And it was very nice of the bluebird to stay put for a minute.

  1. The bluebird and houses are so much fun! This is a beautifully photographed meditation walk, Barbara. I love how you incorporated the meditative signage. And then, you stumped me with all sorts of curiosity of that hook on the rope! So many thoughts of questions.

    1. Thank you, TD! That rusty screw eye hook piqued our curiosity, too. We wondered if it might have been screwed into a (now-missing?) post along the the boardwalk. The rope is fastened to other posts at various points, to keep people out of a swampy area. I suppose they didn’t want to cut the rope to remove the screw.

    1. Thank you, Eliza! It’s true, summer will be gone before we know it so we have to make the most of it while it’s here. 🌞

  2. What a lovely jaunt! And you’re wise to get it in while you can: after all, one day soon, it’s going to get HOT and MUGGY, conditions that make it challenging to get outside and stay there for any length of time.

    1. I’m kind of surprised that we haven’t needed the air conditioning yet this summer, makes me wonder if we’ll soon be paying the piper for all these lovely days we’re enjoying. Especially when I hear how hot it’s been elsewhere in the country.

  3. What a nice walk at the nature center Barbara. Seven weeks already since you were there – time truly flies sometimes doesn’t it? I like how you have the sayings interspersed with the pictures and I just love the picture of the bluebird on the faded, paint-peeling sign. That was great timing for you, as was getting up close and personal with that bullfrog with those bulbous eyes. Beautiful wildflowers as well, dappled sunshine. I really like that picture-perfect robin too.

    1. Thank you, Linda. Time really is flying by, before we know it it will be time to take pictures of sunflowers…. I was a little startled when I noticed that bullfrog spying on me. I wonder how many humans he sees passing by each day and how many of them notice him. I was grateful for the robin and the bluebird cooperating for pictures but I was hoping for more. Most of the other kinds of birds were moving too fast for pictures. Though simply being outside in lovely weather was the best part of the long walk.

      1. Today I saw lots of yellow and also crumpled-up Poplar leaves on the wooden walkway at Lake Erie Metropark and yesterday I took a picture of red leaves … remember I saw them last week on that same bush as before? The eyes on the frog are a little eerie looking. πŸ™‚ One day I’ll see a Bluebird – no sightings to date. There were lots of goldfinches on my walk this morning. They were alighting on thistles. Every time I got near, they flew away. They are hard to get a photo of – last time here I got one picture, but it was darkish and not clear.

        1. Are you talking about the sumac leaves? Sadly, I’m seeing some leaves turning brown and falling, too. But mostly the trees are lush and green this summer. I’m envious of your goldfinches, I think I’ve only seen them twice around here. It’s funny how we see some birds all the time and lots of them, and other birds, hardly ever, if at all…

          1. Yes, the sumac leaves – I could not remember that name to search in my blog as I corrected the caption once you told me. Thank you Barbara! Tinges of red and lots of poplar leaves already down. Our heat wave has scorched lawns already.

            I like the goldfinch too – so pretty. I grew sunflowers in pots on the back porch one year and the goldfinch loved them. Once the thistle flowers are out, there will be more goldfinch at the Park to see and hopefully photograph.

          2. You’re welcome, my friend! Maybe I need to visit the place I saw goldfinches before to see if they might be there again. There were thistles there, but no sunflowers. Looking forward to seeing your pictures of them! Hope you’re managing to stay cool. I had to put a sweater on this morning when I woke up…

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