snow by the sea

morning has broken, view out back

Friday morning we woke up in the middle of a wonderful, long-awaited snowstorm. Less snow fell here than expected by the end of the nor’easter, but the 5 inches it left behind were enough to delight me. And there was no freezing rain or sleet at the end so we could get out and about in the afternoon and enjoy the fluffy white stuff. ❄️

1.7.22 ~ my river birch during the morning snowstorm
from my kitchen window

First stop, Avery Pond. Lots of Canada geese and mallards, but a pair of American wigeons caught my eye.

American wigeon
American wigeon

Next stop, Eastern Point Beach. The gulls were hunkering down in the parking lot. I got out of the car to take some pictures and was nearly blown over by the wind. Other times I tried opening the car window to take pictures. That sent most of the gulls up in the air, flapping and squawking. I suspect they thought I might be going to feed them.

ring-billed gulls with eyes open just a little bit
snow on the rocks
gulls drifting in the wind
juvenile herring gull sticking right by our car
snow covered sand on the beach

Next stop, Beach Pond. No wildlife to be seen at all…

snow all around the pond
snow in the dune grass
snow and cattails

Next stop, Avery Point. There were quite a few folks out walking their dogs. Too nippy to get out of the car!

don’t know the name of this sculpture
“Azucar” by Christopher Wynter
New London Ledge Light in the background
Avery Point Light and windswept snowscape

Last stop, Birch Plain Creek. Got out of the car here. There were lots of birds chirping and flitting about. I was lucky to get a couple of shots.

song sparrow
song sparrow
snow and ice on Birch Plain Creek
white-throated sparrow
white-throated sparrow

It was wonderful having some snow stick around for a change and feeling the winter season the way I remember it. A hot cup of tea at home to enjoy, snuggled under a blanket, looking out the window as darkness fell over the snow… Bliss!

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  1. Thanks for this. I used to spend the summer at the southern coast of Norway, all cliffs and islets and rocks and reefs – and the photo “snow on the rocks” gave me an image I never have seen before.It looked like my favorite rock and place for sunbathing – and now with snow on. Very strange experience

    1. We don’t often see snow on the rocks here but in the summer they do look very different! I bet there are lots of places people visit in the summer that would surprise folks if they could see what the location looked like in the winter. I’d love to see some Norwegian beaches in the winter!

  2. Sounds like bliss. Such beautiful pictures with the touch of snow everywhere. Loved the snow on the rocks and the picture of the lighthouse.

    1. Thank you, Peggy. It was very dramatic seeing the wind whip up those whirls of snow across the lawn in front of the lighthouse. (Irresistible photo-ops!)

  3. We really haven’t had snow yet here in my part of Illinois. However, we had ice yesterday, followed by a cold rain overnight, and today, the temp is 30 degrees with a feels-like temp of 15. That’s NOT the way I remember Winter! We used to have lovely snows, much like what you’ve described. Sigh.

    1. I hear you, Debbie! I wouldn’t be surprised if this snowstorm will be the only one we get this year. When I was a child snow covered the ground most of the winter. My father used to build us igloos that lasted for weeks. I remember my mother referring to the January thaw, which was brief and then the snowstorms returned. Sigh…

    1. Happy you got a chance to walk in the beauty of snow! We’re getting way too much freezing rain in recent years. Especially down here, being farther south than you folks. So very disheartening and frustrating!

    1. Thank you, Donna! Oh boy was it cold! I was content to open the car window for a quick picture here or there and only got out of the car twice. (Felt like I was cheating!)

      1. No cheating at all! 😉 That lapwing I just posted on was shot from my car window. It was too cold to stand outside and the wind was keeping me from being stable with my lens. 🙂

        1. I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one intimidated by the cold and the wind. Besides, from inside the car, one can lean on the car window frame to help keep the camera steady. 😉 🙂

  4. Winter scenes can be so beautiful and you captured plenty. Our kids–who grew up with lots of snow–will thrill with five inches now in their cities. Chris is hoping to travel up north in New York to do some skiing. I think we are more equipped to deal with lots more snow than people further “south”, even in lower Michigan. Do you have more snow in the forecast?

    1. Thank you, Kathy. They did get more snow than us inland and there was great rejoicing on the ski slopes! 🙂 It’s the same here, northern Connecticut, where I grew up, gets far more snow than we do down here on the coast. There’s a storm brewing for Sunday night and Monday, but the rain-snow line is currently unpredictable. Fingers crossed. ❄️

  5. My delight today is to know that your wishes for fluffy snow came true; and that you are so talented with your camera, Barbara!!!

    My first thought about the juvenile gull was why would the gull be standing in the cold snow instead of on that rock area?

    Then I laughed. The juvenile just wanted “The Experience of SNOW”! (Although it also occurred to me that the snow might be warmer than the rock.)

    The white-throated sparrow who seems to know exactly what is going on is my second favorite from your lenses.

    Your selections to share are all gifts for us. The snow day took you to so many places. I’m not so sure about how sledding would feel these days. Maybe my thoughts of building a tiny snowman and watching it melt would be more fun to me.

    1. Thank you, TD!!! Some of those gulls were actually standing in the melted snow water in the parking lot, which made me wonder why they wouldn’t find that even colder. But I suspect the juvenile gull wanted to be close to the car in case some food was forthcoming. 😉 I was enchanted by that white-throated sparrow, too. Maybe next time it snows, if it ever does again this winter, I’ll try to make a little snowman on my balcony, where I can get back indoors quickly if needed. 🙂 Seems more doable than sledding… ❄️

    1. Thank you, Robin. I was enchanted by that puffy white-throated sparrow, too. I do wonder if this is going to be all the snow we get this winter… ❄️

  6. I always enjoy your photos, Barbara, and these of winter at the beach are wonderful. So glad you can take the time to record what you see and share it with the rest of us. Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you, Liz! I wonder how many years it’s been seen you’ve seen any snow in person? 🙂 I think of you often, and picture you enjoying the warmth down south there. 💕

  7. You got some great pictures of your fluffy snow on your walk and I smiled when you said you nearly blew away from the wind because I had just remarked to you about the wind buffeting me and it was difficult to stand straight and you’re so petite. What a wonderful Winter walk and the snow on the rocks was different and the gulls were disappointed but you got your pictures of them. I’ve never seen an American wigeon. You have the nicest assortment of ducks.

    1. Thanks, Linda. That wind was something else — it was even hard to push the car door open to get out. No wonder the gulls were hunkered down and only squinting to keep an eye out for cars and food. It wouldn’t be fair to call this outing a walk, though, it was a drive with several stops for photo-ops. 🙂 I only got out of the car twice. The first time I saw American wigeons was last March, on the river not too far from this pond. Hope I keep seeing them. ❄️

      1. We’ve had such high winds this year and last year too. The gulls looked miserable out in the cold. I always think you have interesting looking duck sightings. I was thinking of going to the Detroit River to see if the Canvasback Ducks were out on the ice this weekend. Then I checked this particular park and someone advised that the eagles were back. They come to the small island across from the park every January – March and fish from the ice floes. So I suspect that photographer who had some of his photos on the site, would ensure there will be a crowd there. No mixing with anyone right now, so no trip to the River … maybe next year. It’s too small of a pavilion area, even masked up.

        1. And I’ve never seen a canvasback duck! I hope you do find them on the river one day and post some pictures, after the crowds start to dwindle. 🙂 We’ve been updating our mask supply, trying to make sure they are all NIOSH approved. Makes me feel slightly safer in the grocery store. Starting to get nervous about my eye doctor appointment next week…

          1. They are only at Dingell Park unfortunately but I tell myself, there will be other years, other Winters, just deal with it and don’t stand too close to anyone. I like the N95 masks I ordered from Amazon and they do meet the requirements and fit tight to my face, so that’s a plus. I was really nervous for my eye appointment too, but more for the dentist and now I’m already worried about going to the Secretary of State as my driver’s license needs to be renewed this year. Thankfully I wear glasses (never thought I’d say that after years of wearing contact lenses), but do they sanitize the place where you put your eyes to take the eye test and I’ll have to remove my mask for the picture. I don’t like fumbling with it – I put it on and never touch it until I come home and wash my hands and pull it off carefully. I’m neurotic about it, but don’t care … I am concerned.

          2. I guess we’re lucky here in Connecticut because we don’t have to take any tests to renew our drivers licenses. Just show up for a new picture so we don’t really have to touch anything. I try not to worry too much about touching my mask (or other things) after learning that the virus was primarily airborne and doesn’t live on surfaces. Public places need to concentrate more on ventilation and not so much on sanitizing every surface. It was such a relief to stop cleaning and quarantining all our groceries and start concentrating on getting a supply of the most effective masks.

  8. How wonderful for us to see these snowy wonders along the beach. Your photos here are delightful, Barbara, you captured the magic of your fluffy fresh-fallen snow so well. It’s unique to see snow and sand together, two elements that usually share separate seasons. I have never seen dune grass and snow together. And I loved seeing the song sparrows all plumped up like they do when they’re staying warm. Thanks very much.

    1. Thank you so much, Jet! I’m glad you enjoyed my snow scenes by the sea. 🙂 Snow on the sand and in the dune grass isn’t that usual here so it was a treat to find it! This morning I learned on a post from our local nature center that just a fraction of an inch of layered air trapped by fluffed feathers can keep a bird’s body temperature at 104 degrees, even in freezing weather! ❄️

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