inhale courage

photo by Michael Terracciano

Our friend spotted this encouraging message left on a stone in the woods while taking a nature walk with his family. Taking the suggestion to heart, I’m going to use it in my yoga practice, because I’ve noticed that my anxiety level has been increasing as rates of new COVID-19 infections have been skyrocketing around the country. Even though Connecticut is doing relatively well it’s probably only a matter of time before we get another surge here as people are relaxing and letting their guard down.

We are taking fewer walks these days now that the humidity is too oppressive for Tim. We have to be careful not to stress his heart. And honestly, I cannot bear the humidity, either, although I have no legitimate medical excuse to offer. So I am spending more time on yoga, and ordered another DVD to mix things up a bit. The air-conditioning is on now, and I am grateful that we got through June without needing it. I’m already longing for the cool, crisp days of autumn.

I’ve done all 19 of my jigsaw puzzles, some of them twice, since the pandemic started. I’ve tried ordering some more but most places are sold out and the available ones aren’t that appealing. So I’m starting to do them over, which I don’t mind at all. Perhaps I will make use of my mask to keep from inhaling the dust and start going through the old family stuff again. Seems like a productive way to pass the time… Breathe…

6 thoughts on “inhale courage”

  1. Have you gotten Tim doing yoga yet? I believe there are resources for yoga for men (who aren’t as flexible). Enjoy!

    1. That would be the day! You gave me a good laugh, Susan. 🙂 Tim has tried yoga and it’s definitely not his cup of tea. Case closed.

  2. Breathing along with you… Have been spending way too much time looking at virus stats again and it gets to be too much after a while. Wrote a deathbed letter to myself yesterday which proved interesting…contemplating “what really counts? in life. Not sure of any answers, though.

    1. As Barry Lopez said, “there are simply no answers to some of the great pressing questions.” But contemplating them is important to do anyway. Spent a couple of hours video-chatting about such things with my sister-in-law yesterday. Funny how our answers keep changing through our lives. Looking forward to checking out your blog post today.

  3. We’re experiencing the same heat and humidity here. I’m not going for walks because of it as there doesn’t seem to be any time of the day that is tolerable. I may be rationalizing my own sloth nature with that last sentence, but *hey* so be it. I like the message on the painted stone.

    1. We had a little break on Tuesday but things are intolerable once again. If there was ever a time of year to be slothful this is it, Ally! Now we’re supposed to be getting hit with a tropical “system” on Friday into Saturday, which has the potential to dump 4 inches of rain. I say it too often but it’s time to enjoy the great indoors…

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