answers are not the point

“The Sunflower Galaxy from Hubble” by ESA/NASA/Hubble

We’ve all been on this spiritual path looking for answers, and the joke is that answers are not the point at all; the point is to have a blast with the questions. The point is not to hold back from the Mystery just because there is no final understanding. Along the way, incredible understandings come out of the Mystery, but the Mystery, itself, will remain a mystery.
~ Nirmala
(Nothing Personal: Seeing Beyond the Illusion of a Separate Self)

9 thoughts on “answers are not the point”

  1. I agree that the fun is all in the getting there. For me this applies to everything, from unwrapping gifts to starting a new project. Let the mystery remain a mystery!

    1. That’s so true Jane! Anticipation is so much fun, especially when we don’t know the conclusion of an endeavor ahead of time. That’s what makes reading a well-written novel so much fun. Or planning a trip…

    1. I think this quote resonated with me because I grew up spiritually restless, endlessly looking for ultimate truth. But it was a relief to discover after many years that the most important questions have no definitive answer, or many evolving answers.

  2. Yes, indeed! It’s seemingly taken a long time to see this, if the Mystery can be seen. I’ve heard it said that questions and answers arise simultaneously. We don’t ask the question until we intuit the answer. Not sure about this either…but it relaxes everything so much when we can simply allow the Mystery to function in our lives. (Which it seems to do whether we recognize that or not!)

    1. Oh, Kathy, I’m so pleased that you “get” this… I look back on so many years of searching for answers and then realizing the joke was that I was so serious and self-righteous about it. I’m glad I’ve lived long enough to start having a blast with the questions. 🙂 I’m not sure about anything anymore and I agree, ‘it relaxes everything so much when we can simply allow the Mystery to function in our lives.’

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