winter solstice

“The Yard and Wash-House” by Carl Larsson

Lift up your countenance! The sun’s growing higher.
The light’s pitching camp on free mountain tops.
That hope you conceived
on the winter solstice
stands like a new day’s dawning
in your eyes
shining forth.
~ Einar Skjæraasen

15 thoughts on “winter solstice”

  1. Hey Barbara, Happy Solstice to you and yours, too! I like your snow effect, because I’m sure you’re disappointed in the weather outside. The upside of this warm spell was a lettuce and spinach salad picked from the garden. I hope you have a great day.

    1. Wishing you and yours a blessed Solstice, too, Susan! Yup, this snow effect is all the snow I’m going to see for the foreseeable future – sigh. It’s 56°F (13°C) here and on Thursday it’s supposed to reach 64°F (18°C)! Unbelievable! Enjoy your garden fresh veggies for me. 🙂 Can’t wait to see you next month.

  2. Our summer solstice picture for Australia would be so different to this one, come to think of it, so would the winter solstice picture!

    Happy Solstice, Barbara. <3

    1. Your climate is so different from ours it’s hard for me to imagine what it’s like to never have a chance for snow over the holidays. But with climate change, who knows what we’ll be experiencing in the years to come? Happy Summer Solstice to you, Joanne! 🙂

  3. Shortest day of the year…
    In Groton, Connecticut, sunrise 7:09 am, sunset 4:23 pm.
    In Brevik, Norway, sunrise 9:13 am, sunset 3:17 pm.

  4. How beautiful and serene! I love his “arts & crafts”-style paintings, many of which have been printed on cards. I had many of them when I was a child 🙂 I wish you & yours Peace and Joy this Holiday Season.

    1. Thank you, Tiny! The first time I saw a card with a Carl Larsson print on it I was a teenager. I fell in love with the family lifestyle he depicted. Most years I have a Carl Larsson calendar hanging in my kitchen. 🙂 Happy Solstice, Tiny! May your holiday be Merry and Bright!

    1. Happy Solstice, Jane! Lucky you with a dusting of snow! I’m starting to dream of moving farther north…

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