geography of the soul

"Head of Lioness" by Theodore Gericault
“Head of Lioness” by Theodore Gericault

I shall search my very soul for the lion inside of me… 
And we sailed all around the world looking for a brand new start… 
~ Van Morrison
♫ (Listen to the Lion) ♫

There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outline all our lives.
~ Josephine Hart
(Songs of the Dragonfly: Begging for Enlightenment)

18 thoughts on “geography of the soul”

    1. Joining you, Rosie, to keep on finding our inner lionesses and to keep on connecting with our friends for an ever louder roar!

    1. About repeating – it’s funny how Van Morrison’s song got stuck playing in my head over and over one day and it made me think of Josephine Hart’s quote…

    1. Isn’t she a beautiful lioness, Sheryl? The confidence of lions is surely a treasure we will find as we search for our souls. More thoughts on soul-searching coming along tomorrow…

  1. Very interesting that you posted this with the accompanying lion photo. A blogger friend (Reggie from South Africa if you know her) sent me a lion postcard the other day and it’s sitting here by the computer. May we find that inner lion and realize its gifts. Thank you, Barbara.

    1. You’re welcome, Kathy. Lions seem to be appearing in our lives with great frequency lately. I wonder if you saw the movie *African Cats* a couple of years ago? My sister-in-law and I saw it together and we were so moved we went though all the tissue in my purse wiping away our tears. Lions (and cheetahs) face many tough choices in the course of their lives. We were awed by their courage.

  2. Very nice wordings. How true it is that we search for the outline of our soul all our lives. If we research about the life of the cat family (lions & cheetahs etc. ), we can quite relate to our life. We definitely have a roaring lion inside of us, that tries to furiously jump and reach great miles, I think.

    1. That’s one of the reasons I loved *African Cats* so much – I could relate to the big cat mothers and the challenges they were facing. The cheetah was a single mom with no one to help her, but the lioness had her sisters to help her. It was amazing to see how they worked things out with such determination and courage.

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