14 thoughts on “responsible forever”

    1. I had to laugh out loud, Laurie! The last two Bruno Liljefors paintings I posted on the first days of spring and summer also looked like photographs to you. 🙂 So happy you’re enjoying them!

    1. If you click on the Bruno Liljefors tag under the post you will see the first two of his paintings I used, and there will be another one coming the first day of winter. For you, Rosie, I’ll see if I can work in some more of them before then. 🙂

    1. Words to the wise, for sure. I’m happy you enjoyed the painting, Val – it really does look like a photograph.

    1. The idea of taming something makes me think of my sister-in-law, who has tamed a couple of feral cats and their offspring. Acting with responsibility, she has had them all spayed and neutered. Some of them have become more domesticated than others, but they’re all in good hands, in spite of their quirks.

      I’m off to meet and visit Barb and her foxes now!

  1. And from Australia ~ Welcome Spring! This is a wow painting, and a wow quote Barbara, simply wonderful! I’m so privelidged to be able to share opposite seasons with my friends on the other side of the world. 🙂

    1. Funny how that works – here we are getting flu shots and raking leaves while you folks down under are sprucing up your gardens! 🙂 I love picturing you in your garden with all the interesting creatures who visit you there. Now where did I put our knit hats and gloves?

  2. Autumn is only a few days old over here, and already it feels like High Summer! It’s a balmy 83 degrees now, after coming out of a weekend in the nineties – I am deeply resentful.

    Anyway, I find this fox and its auburn and golds comforting; the painting is crisp and cool and I love it.

    1. So happy you love the painting, Aubrey. I love this time of year when the heat and humid haziness dissipates and the air becomes crisp and clear. We celebrate by going apple-picking. The high temperature today is suppose to reach 71°F – perfect!

    1. My dad loves foxes, too. Every once in a while I will see one dart across the road, lickety-split, a flash of red traveling faster than any squirrel or cat.

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