sciatica attack

Well, I sat down to respond to comments and didn’t get through the first one without my sciatica pain flaming up….   Grrrr….  (It also started up when I played only one turn of Scrabble this morning.)  Will see if Tim will set me up somewhere I can sit without pain and have my laptop handy tonight.  All I can do it seems is stand, walk, and recline on the fantastic support cushions Laurie recommended…  Will try again a little later…

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  1. Barbara,

    Sending you healing ((( ))) to warm and recharge you. Years back I had what we called sciatica at the time. I was treated by a wonderful Ciropractor for some time. Learned to sit up straight, not lean, buy better shoes. I was on my feet walking and moving all over marble floors…
    those sessions brought me great relief !

    1. Thank you for the healing, Jeff! I’m a little leery of chiropractors – I’ve known some people that seem to keep getting worse and have to keep going to see them forever. I’ve been told that adjusting the bones is good as far as it goes, but one needs to strengthen the muscles to keep the bones where they belong. But I know it works well for many and I’m glad it helped you!

      I have more confidence in physical therapy, but perhaps that’s because my mother was a physical therapist and I’ve seen it work wonders very quickly with my grandfather’s sciatica and Tim’s frozen shoulder. And they didn’t have to keep going back. The author of “Healing Back Pain Naturally” says both can be effective and have their place, though…

    2. Barbara,

      yes we have to find and then know what is best for our body’s healing. I went to a couple of Chiropractors, until I found the correct one. At them time that is what I was called to do to heal.
      Every thing we do that is conscious, asking our body what it needs can be healing.
      I am glad that you have found what works for you. Keep us informed!

      1. “Asking our body what it needs can be healing.”

        I’m learning this, Jeff! Dr. Brownstein’s books have introduced me to my body’s healing system! Learning so much from it (my healing system) and yesterday I had a really good day, talking to it as I went from activity to activity. A whole new level of consciousness…

    1. Oh Laurie, stretching IS they key! It feels so much better when I move around and I’ve progressed to using the versa-climber again. (We had to dust it off and pull it out…) And my sleep has been so restorative and healing with the wedge system! – I don’t wake up uncomfortable with the five pillows I used to use skewed all over the place. Many many thanks for sending me that link!!!

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