worlds of difference

5.14.24 ~ Via Calimala, Florence, Italy
photo by Tim

Now we need a new definition of the self: I am not what I know but what I am willing to learn. Mystery waits in the mirror. Curiosity and learning begin before breakfast. Growing, we move through worlds of difference, the cycles and circles of a life, fulfilled by overlapping with the lives of others.
~ Mary Catherine Bateson
(Full Circles, Overlapping Lives: Culture & Generation in Transition)

16 thoughts on “worlds of difference”

  1. … fulfilled by overlapping with the lives of others.

    I adore that phrase, it’s been on my mind lately, just didn’t know the words to say it. Beautiful photo.

    1. Thank you, Ally, Tim captured a moment there. Sometimes I think of how my life overlapped with my grandmother’s and is overlapping with my granddaughter’s and yet they never knew each other.

  2. “Curiosity and learning begin before breakfast.” Yes, indeed! There’s so much to learn, it’s almost surprising that formal education ends so early. Perhaps that’s the root of the “lifetime learning” concept.

    1. It’s so true! We’re lucky if we have parents and teachers who nurture our sense of curiosity so that it stays with us for our lifetimes. I remember how much I loved consulting our own huge encyclopedia my parents invested in. Now it’s the world wide web. 😉

  3. Excellent photo by Tim! It appears to me that the man sitting there is the artist and he is using chalk. Is that correct, Barbara?

    I appears that the man might be illustrating an illusion of what he might hope for the women in the photograph next to it. Did Tim speak with the man to hear the back story?

    Regardless, the artwork is gorgeous!

    1. Tim did not speak to the man as he was in a hurry to get to the three tenors performance, and, he thought the man was sleeping. But it turns out he was looking at his cell phone. The woman in the little picture to the left looks a lot like Frida Kahlo to me. Whatever the story might be, I’m glad Tim took a few seconds to capture an interesting moment in time.

      1. Yes, a moment in time. The little picture does look like it could be Frida Kahlo. Glad Tim noticed the beautiful artwork!

  4. How nice to just come upon this artwork on the street. Now that is some remarkable talent. I’m glad Tim stopped to take a photo and you had a perfect quote.

    1. Tim was so impressed with the artwork he put a couple of euros in a little box near the artist. The man didn’t move and Tim thought he was sleeping, but he was actually glued checking his cell phone.

      1. That was beautiful and exquisite artwork. We have a street artist who does fun and quirky stuff with little creatures – what he does is create them out of things on the street – like a missing brick, or a manhole cover, or a weed on the sidewalk (which becomes a “hairdo”). The artist’s name is David Zinn and I follow him on Twitter where he posts a new chalk drawing daily. He appears at a lot of street fairs every Summer and is in demand.

        1. David Zinn’s art is truly amazing! You’ve mentioned him to me before and I started following him on Facebook. Sometimes it’s fun to do a search for him there and scroll through all the older posts. There’s no limit to his imagination and skill. Have you ever seen him at a street fair?

          1. I didn’t know he was on Facebook – I have followed him on Twitter for years. I like how he will take some little grassy patch/weed or a chip in the sidewalk or a brick wall and make a chalk creature out of it. That is talented. No, I have not seen him in person at a street fair, but about five years ago h was at the Botanical Gardens at Heritage Park on evening. All Summer long, they have “Music in the Gardens” something like you and Tim went to (you had a post about it) and he was there. He was going around making chalk art. I had to work and had some project that needed to go out or I would have left work early. I planned to go the next morning to see his art, but it rained Wednesday night. They’ve never had him back, but I follow the Botanical Gardens on Facebook, so if he returns I will go for sure this time. He never gives his schedule on Twitter, just posts his drawings – maybe I’ll follow him there and he gives his schedule. We have a few street fairs this Summer not far from me (and I just got my COVID booster last week so I might consider going).

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