they got snow!

2.13.23 ~ after the nor’easter in Connecticut

My sister estimates they got 9 inches of snow from Tuesday’s nor’easter, which left a winter wonderland behind it. I loved the pictures she sent me from the woods surrounding our childhood home.

eastern hemlock
the birds have found food here since the 1960s
the shed my father built more than 60 years ago
the wheelchair ramp my son and brother-in-law built for my father in the 2000s
(the house my parents built is barely visible behind it)

photos by Beverly

22 thoughts on “they got snow!”

    1. I know I’m strange but I always loved to shovel snow, until I got older and my hands kept getting too cold no matter what kind of gloves and/or mittens I used. Yes, very rare, the last time there was a substantial snowfall down here was in December 2018, over five years ago!

    1. Wow! I was wondering how you made out there. It was hit or miss, I guess. I feel sorry for the weather forecasters.

    1. Thank you, Joanne! Yes, Beverly still lives in our childhood home — she and her husband moved back there in 2000 to help care for our father until he died in 2013.

  1. That snow is very pretty and it must be heavy the way it is sitting on tree branches and evergreen boughs. I also like the shed with all the snow and the birds getting sustenance on the ground under a feeder. If you don’t have to go anywhere it would be nice to watch that snow piling up and looking so picturesque. Beverly did a good job capturing the ambiance of the snowfall and thanks to you for providing us with a glimpse of a nor’easter’s handiwork.

    1. It was a very heavy, wet snow. I think Beverly took the picture of the shed from the bathroom window. I loved watching it snow when I was a child, and then getting outside to play in it and explore the woods, noticing all the animal tracks criss-crossing each other in the snow. There would be spots under the hemlocks where there was still bare ground because those branches were so thick, creating a tent we could crawl under. And it was fun watching the birds at the feeders, too.

      1. I thought it might be heavy from those picturesque photos Beverly took. I can see why you enjoyed the snow so much growing up – you were raised to enjoy nature in snowy weather, not to stay inside. We had a lot of snow growing up in Ontario and we lived on a curve so we would have big drifts. We had a VW Beetle when I was younger and my father would go out to drive it to work and it was completely covered in snow sometimes and would resemble an igloo.

        1. I can picture that VW Beetle looking like an igloo buried under the snow! My grandparents had a white one that must have blended into the snowscape quite well. πŸ™‚

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