moderate drought in the woods

11.17.23 ~ Carolina North Forest

We are now in a moderate drought and the weather people say that this has been the driest November here on record. I have nothing to compare it to, but am hoping the squirrels are finding enough to drink. On this lovely autumn day we took another trail in this forest, named Wormhole Spur.

It was one of those magical fall days when the leaves were drifting down in great numbers, floating through the air like snowflakes in a snow globe, almost sounding like raindrops when they landed. We’re thoroughly enjoying our autumn days, now that they’ve arrived.

this small branch was catching falling leaves and pine needles
I’m very fond of rust colored leaves
burnished gold
crimson red
autumn sunlight
sunglasses on a tree???
fallen leaves resting on a mossy fallen tree
a passerby’s sense of humor?
2024 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

When we got back to our car we found it surrounded by wonderful burnt orange leaves. Almost 10 years ago we bought what we thought would be our last new car. ~ 2014 Subaru Impreza ~ Since I wrote a post about that one and since we wound up getting this new car in October, I decided to post a picture of this one, too. It’s color name is celestite (a mineral), chosen because my sister is a geologist. πŸ™‚

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  1. The different autumn leaf colours are glorious! And your new car looks very lovely when surrounded by a carpet of leaves – they must have been falling fast for there to be so many there after returning from your walk.

    1. Thank you, Joanne! It was quite a lovely scene that day with the leaves gently falling and floating everywhere. Next year I might try to get a video of it on my cell phone and see if I can include it on a post.

  2. The squirrels are still watching you, Barbara!

    I would absolutely love to know the story behind the shades on the tree! It appears to me the glasses were placed there with intent to make the tree be able to see! I find it humorous, but why leave a nice pair of sunglasses after the photo. We will never know.

    The tiny pumpkin was humorous too!

    I like your photo of the branch catching the leaves and pine needles on the journey. So nice to walk with you!!

    1. It’s funny, what caught my eye at first on the beech tree was the texture and coloring of the small branch sticking out of the trunk. I didn’t even notice the glasses until I got home and saw them on the laptop screen! The leaves and pine needles were doing a pretty good job of disguising them. I bet the leaves weren’t there when the glasses were placed there. I’m finding it interesting how the abundance of pine needles and pine cones in the forests here play into the fall scenery, so different from how things look and feel in New England.

      1. That is funny that you didn’t notice the sunglasses on the tree because that shot was right smack on it! You were so engaged with the beech tree!!

        1. It was funny. All I focused on was the clump of leaves and the small branch sticking out of the trunk. Totally missed that the leaves were caught on a pair of sunglasses. πŸ™‚

  3. I love your Fall colors, Barbara, and that branch catching leaves and pine needles is proof of your interesting way of seeing things! I got a giggle from the sunglasses on the tree and the tiny pumpkin, too. Congrats on your new ride — she’s a beauty! I, too, bought a hybrid car and simply love it. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. Happy Thanksgiving, Debbie! πŸ¦ƒ We’re loving our little hybrid car, too. What a difference in gas mileage. Next year I will know to wait patiently for November to see the fall color spectacle here. And one never knows what interesting little things will be found in the woods, some of it human-made and most of it from Mother Nature herself.

  4. Another peaceful, even fun, walk in the woods for you and Tim. This little squirrel is happy you are worried about him/her. I never noticed the sunglasses in the photo, until I read your photo caption! You can’t miss that mini pumpkin though. It must be the same person doing that mischief. That’s a great and unusual shot of the tree branch catching the “drippings” from above. I like the car very much and what a great reason to pick that car color!

    1. I should probably go back on that trail near the holidays and see if the mischief maker leaves things for the other seasons. I loved that squirrel surrounded by leaves so deep they came up to his shoulders. He had found a great spot to enjoy his nut. The branch catching falling leaves and pine needles was pretty striking, so glad you liked it. πŸ™‚ My sister has given me several celestite crystals over the years and I love its association with inner peace, quiet space, and spirituality.

      1. Yes, it was fun seeing what that mischief maker did. At least it was not permanent like graffiti … that I do not understand with defacing the walkways and overlooks. I’m going to have a post in a few weeks’ time showing something silly someone wrote and also where people have put locks all over the side of a covered bridge – no words sometimes. Based on the celestite crystals your sister gave you, that was the perfect color to choose for your new car.

        1. That reminds me of something I read about them removing all the locks from the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris because “they’re actually dangerous. Adding all those metal locks to a bridge that was built to hold and carry a certain weight creates structural damage and even the risk of the bridge collapsing into the river.” Seems like that causes even more trouble than graffiti!

          1. That is amazing about those locks causing structural damage! That is crazy – I’ll bet they can’t remove the locks either as sawing through them would cause damage. I just Googled this bridge and saw the locks – there is no room to put another single lock. These locks on this small covered bridge caught my eye – maybe 40 of them hanging on the mesh part of the bridge so I took photos. When I got home I Googled and learned about the ritual. On another bridge was some graffiti about wanting a Lamborghini – why do that? I’ll include the locks and graffiti in my post, but am shaking my head over it.

          2. I did wonder how they go about removing the locks from the Pont des Arts bridge, but removing them from mesh on the covered bridge should be simple enough, though the mesh might need to be replaced. Looking forward to your post.

          3. I’m thinking if they remove the mesh and the locks, they’d have to leave it off as kids would put locks on there again. The mesh would prevent someone from slipping into the Rouge River – it runs very quickly under that bridge. I hope I took some pics of it – I think I did. It floods all the time by the Ford Estate and other roads. It will be in a couple of weeks Barbara … not as many locks by a long shot as the Pont des Arts bridge, but an array of them.

  5. Surrounding beauty! Love the shot of the leaves and pine needles on the branch, looks like the leaves are trying to root! πŸ˜‰ Congrats on the new car, I love taking photos of mine in scenes!

    1. Thank you, Donna! Nature can be so artistic with her leaves and pine needles. I love the way she decided to include our car in one of her little creations. πŸ˜‰

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