do not use trail when flooded

9.15.23 ~ Bolin Creek Trail
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

At last, walking weather arrived Friday morning! We decided to try Bolin Creek Trail. It was a pleasant enough walk, but it was paved, which is hard on Tim’s back and hip. He needs uneven terrain to walk at all comfortably. And there were many joggers out and lots of people. There were cars zooming by on the road on the other side of the creek. It didn’t feel at all like a walk in the woods!

a burl on a loblolly pine tree

Still, we were delighted to be out getting some fresh air and moving our bodies for an hour. I doubt this will become one of our favorite walks but it was nice to get more familiar with what we have for options in our vicinity.

Hurricane Florence must have been a doozy back in 2018. Apparently Bolin Creek floods quite frequently but I haven’t been able to find out how high it was during that storm. I was standing on stairs leading up to the road to get the next three pictures. The tunnel goes under another road.

Tim standing under the high water mark
(see sign below)

There were some interesting tree roots along the mostly shaded creek.

bits of sunshine poking through the leaves
playing hide and seek with this squirrel
can you find him?
very tiny hemlock sapling trying to grow in the dark understory

Like Gold Park in Hillsborough that we visited a month ago, this trail had an urban feel to it. I think we’re going to have to venture farther from home to find some more woodsy walks to explore. I’m getting excited and hopeful about the possibilities.

15 thoughts on “do not use trail when flooded”

    1. Thank you so much, dearest Rosie. You’re always a welcome guest along on my little explorations and I’m so glad to know you enjoy them. ♡

    1. Too much or too little, it seemed like this creek had about the right amount of water running the day we visited. I can’t even imagine what it is like when flooded!

  1. I do see the squirrel right in the middle, Barbara! That was a fun game!!

    I do have hope with you that you will find your walks that are to your liking! I don’t like the big city or urban noise, crowds and parks either.

    We pay a lot of taxes to have and maintain them. And the are crowded so lots of folks do use them. I have found only one park with few people, low noise to where I can actually hear the birds or sea. Luckily it is very close to where I live. And it is where we have been going for five years. I never get bored there.

    Rather than googling “parks” try googling “trails” which might be the uneven paths that Tim needs and very low crowds for your desires.

    Look forward to more of your adventures!

    1. Glad you spotted the squirrel, TD. I’m not sure if he was playing hide-and-seek or peek-a-boo!

      I’m sure we will find our favorite walks soon enough, now that the weather is turning in our favor. That’s the problem with well-used parks, the more people, the fewer animals and birds to enjoy. It’s nice you found a more peaceful refuge close enough to your home.

      I’ve been googling “nature walks near me” since we got here. Even before we left Connecticut I was googling. I have made quite a list but I started with the one closest to us. I’m especially curious about the nature preserves maintained by the Triangle Land Conservancy, and there are many others. We won’t soon run out of places!

      Stay tuned!

  2. Glad you’ve out exploring the nature trails nearby, Barbara. Fall is such a perfect time of year to get out in nature and to become acquainted with your new surroundings. I’d imagine your local library would willingly provide you a list of good places to walk in peace.

    1. Good suggestion, Debbie. Autumn may well be my favorite season and it’s going to be fun exploring all these new trails. I have my list in hand and will soon discover which walks will be our new favorites. My biggest problem now is deciding which ones to try first. 😉

    1. I agree, Ally, I have a profound respect for the power of flooding waters. There are lots of creeks around here — I have much to learn.

  3. That squirrel was a little devil playing games with you. 🙂 Amazing what Hurricane Florence inflicted here with that high water mark – may you never encounter flooding like that Barbara. It’s like old times out in nature … perhaps now with slightly cooler temps on the horizon, you’ll get out more now.

    1. That squirrel was something else. Tim decided to distract his attention by walking ahead of me. So the squirrel stopped and kept looking one way and then the other, trying to decide which one of us to hide from. It was when he hesitated that I got the picture. The weather is looking very promising from now on. 🙂

      1. The squirrels are so cute sometimes. I am sure that squirrel sees people all the time so why was it so so nervous? The squirrels at the Park often *pretend* they did not see my put peanuts down for them. I walk away, look back – nope, not going over, pretending they don’t see peanuts and standing on haunches in begging stance. So I throw another peanut down next to it and it races over and acts like it never saw the other ones.

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