a sand gallery

1.28.22 ~ Eastern Point Beach

It feels like winter. Cloudy with snow flurries today and a blizzard warning for tomorrow. Quick walk at the beach to breathe in some fresh air and to enjoy the delightful snowlight.


Everything in nature invites us constantly to be what we are.
~ Gretel Ehrlich
(On Water)

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    1. I was thinking the same thing, Ally. Also the linoleum flooring in my parents’ 1960s pink and black bathroom.

    1. I’ll have to settle for a nice cup of chamomile tea as my system can no longer tolerate cocoa — grrr. Enjoying reading and listening to audio books this snowy day. 🙂

  1. I love this. It feels as if I walked on the beach and saw everything on the sand in person. I like the bird’s reflection in the water. I hope the storm you are expecting is not as bad as the weatherman predicts it to be.

    1. Thank you, Peggy. The sand formations I find at the beach remind me of those Etch-A-Sketch mechanical drawing toys I used to love as a child. We don’t often see gulls floating so calmly on the water. The snow is getting deep and the wind is picking up, we’ll see how accurate the blizzard forecast turns out to be…

        1. We’re safe and sound but definitely stuck inside until they start to shovel the sidewalks and porches…

          1. Thankfully we didn’t lose power. Our little city has its own power company and we rarely lose power. When we do, it get fixed very quickly.

  2. Love your sand gallery, Barbara, the close-up of the pinkish sand is beautiful! Mother Ocean throws treasures and artwork onto the beaches, and she retrieves it back. We miss so many pretty things I know! It has begun to snow at my house, we may get 4-9″, I see you’re in for a blizzard, yikes! Stay safe and warm!!

    1. Thank you, Donna! I think we’re getting close to blizzard conditions as I write this, flashlight still in my pocket, just in case. 12″-18″ expected. My geologist sister has told me that the pinkish sand is specks of garnet, which is my birthstone. Hope you weathered your end of the snowstorm without incident!!

    1. Thank you, Eliza! The wind is really picking up so I’m keeping my fingers crossed about the power. Hope you’re doing well up north there!

        1. I think we got more than 14″ but it’s hard to tell with all the drifting. Wind chill is -2°F. It’s official, we got a blizzard here.

  3. Very peaceful Barbara and I like the up-close shot of the seagull plus the last photo where I want to pluck the errant feather out, (unless he/she just has its wings tucked a certain way). I’m thinking of you with every forecast I hear about the blizzard, high winds … I hope you weather this storm.

    1. Thank you, Linda. So far, so good, although the wind is picking up… I’m going to start a slow cooker pork tenderloin soon and am looking forward to smelling it cook while I listen to a good book. Those gulls might have been resting after a popcorn feast. When we first arrived someone had emptied a huge bag of popcorn across the parking lot and started a feeding frenzy. Sigh…

      1. Yes, the gulls and a feeding frenzy … the family and even the extended family arrive in a heartbeat once someone starts feeding them. Hope you enjoy that slow cooker meal while watching the snow Barbara. I sure hope you are not getting anything close to what Boston is getting per the reports I’ve heard all day.

        1. Yes, the gulls kept coming and coming, apparently out of nowhere — lol. The pork tenderloin was delicious and we were snug inside our little nest here. I saw pictures of Boston and Cape Cod on the news last night — the flooding was alarming to see. They really took a battering. Wonder how much snow they wound up with. It was still snowing up there when I went to bed.

          1. I knew they predicted Boston could get three feet, but I never heard a final total. We now have a storm coming on Tuesday through Thursday (6-12 inches), so it appears the weather folks and local media have focused on “us” not “the poor folks on the East Coast” anymore. Glad you are safe. I’ve not had pork loin since my mother made it. She used to split it down the middle and stuff it, then bake it. Yum!

          2. I’m seeing 24 inches for Boston but it looks like the got a storm surge from the ocean, too, with the sea spray freezing on their houses. Brrr…. Our winds came from the north, blowing from the land out over Long Island Sound, so we didn’t get any big waves or storm surges. Your mother’s stuffed pork loin sounds very yummy. If only I could have stuffing! Stay safe during your snow storm!

    1. I can’t say I’ve ever walked on a beach during a blizzard. Someone on our beach’s Facebook page has, though, and posted some pictures today. Amazing! (We weren’t about to drive down there…)

  4. A chilly walk on the beach! It’s supposed to freeze tonight here in central FL. I have covered my herb garden, brought in the orchids and have a pork roast in the oven. Stay warm today and enjoy the snow!

    1. You’re having pork, too! My aunt used to grow orchids — they were gorgeous. She had a green thumb with them. I hope your herbs make it through the freeze. I wonder if the citrus crops will be damaged? Things like that used to make the news before we had covid to worry about.

    1. I’m always grateful for nature’s invitations and delighted that she keeps offering me lovely glimpses of beauty to capture. 💙

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