herring gull, third winter

11.29.21 ~ Harkness Memorial State Park
herring gull, third winter

Another turn at Kathy’s photo shorts game. (“One photo. Write something short. Then move on into your day.”)

Yesterday we took a cold (37°F/3°C) walk by the sound and saw lots of herring gulls and a couple of common eiders. It was a dull gray day with a light northerly wind. Not great for photography so this one will suffice.

14 thoughts on “herring gull, third winter”

    1. Actually, the birds were very quiet that day, adding to the sense of stillness. But yes, there is never a bad time to be at the beach. 🙂

    1. True about focusing on other things, like getting home and pulling out my field guide to correctly identify by plumage the age of said herring gull. 😉

    1. Lucky indeed. I took a few pictures of him from different angles as I walked by. I couldn’t believe he remained fixed there for so long. Maybe it was a yoga pose. 😉

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