golden pollen

“Provincetown” by Childe Hassam

But from Labor Day through Halloween, the place is almost unbearably beautiful. The air during these weeks seems less like ether and more like a semisolid, clear and yet dense somehow, as if it were filled with the finest imaginable golden pollen. The sky tends toward brilliant ice-blue, and every thing and being is invested with a soft, gold-ish glow.
~ Michael Cunningham
(Land’s End: A Walk in Provincetown)

10 thoughts on “golden pollen”

  1. The golden glow of autumn–I loved it, too. PLUS, added bonus, the tourists are starting to disappear. When we drove to Marquette for an appointment yesterday it felt so relaxing. The first time since May. I know we need the tourists, but it’s lovely when everything becomes quiet again.

    1. When the kids were school age we vacationed in Provincetown in the summer but after they left home we started going without them in September and October — what a difference! I can imagine it’s the same in Marquette. And we live next door to another tourist destination, Mystic. Amazing how little traffic there is now. 🙂

    1. Another Ptown fan! I agree with you, the off-season is best, especially for long walks on the beach or meandering through town, even if half the shops are closed.

    1. So happy the painting stirred up some good memories, Leelah. Provincetown is America’s oldest continuous art colony. The light is incredible.

  2. So lovely (both the painting and the quote). Here, it’s raining … again. Sigh. I know some areas need rain, but we’re really not one of them. And I’m so looking forward to crisp, cool, sunny Fall days!!

    1. Thank you, Debbie! I wish we could build some pipes across the nation and send some of our rainwater out west where they could better use it! If they can build pipes for oil, why not for water? I do hope you get some fall weather soon; we’ve been enjoying ours so much!

    1. Thank you, Linda. The painting would make a good jigsaw puzzle, although the sky would be quite a challenge. 😉

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