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  1. We saw Livingston Taylor in concert when I was in college. He was similar to his famous brother, but unique. Hadn’t thought of him in years, decades even. Thanks for the smile!

    1. You’re welcome! I saw James Taylor in concert but I think I would have enjoyed Livingston just as much. JT covered this song on one of his albums but I happened to hear Livingston singing it on the radio yesterday morning, inspiring my hunt for a painting, and then learned that it was LT who actually wrote it.

    1. You’re welcome, Debbie! I believe all four of James’ siblings (including Alex, Kate and Hugh) are musicians, but I’m only familiar with Livingston.

  2. As I scrolled down and saw the comment by Debbie, I have to agree as I didn’t know James Taylor had a brother who sang either – now who could compete with James Taylor? I never saw him, but liked his music and that of former wife Carly Simon too.

    1. I’ve often wondered over the years what made James so famous when Livingston is just as good, in my opinion. But Livingston is easier to see in concert because he plays in smaller venues. I liked a lot of Carly Simon’s songs, too. Especially “Anticipation” when I was a love-struck teenager. 🙂

      1. I wonder if there was some sibling rivalry going on there – you’d think James would have gotten Livingston on a more mainstream path, but maybe he liked the smaller venues. Carly Simon’s songs were not only relatable but easy to sing to and I hear them now and remember all the words. Those are my favorite songs. I know none of the newer songs, nor artist. Today was National Vinyl Record Day. A few years ago, when cleaning the basement after a mess made by getting whole-house insulation, I threw out all my albums and 45s that I had hung onto much longer than most people would I suspect. 🙂

        1. Who knows what makes one musician more popular than another? There seems to be no rhyme or reason to people’s tastes. The Taylor siblings had a rough childhood with an alcoholic father and three of them spent time in mental hospitals for depression and addiction. I kind of stopped following Carly Simon in the 1980s, in fact, for the most part, 1980s music sounded awful to me! I saved my vinyl albums for a while but I’m not sure what happened to them… I don’t remember throwing them out but I haven’t seen them in ages.

          1. I sure don’t get any of the music now and the oldies stations, which I occasionally listen to, I hear songs I once did not think were loud and I now wonder what I saw in them. I got rid of the stereo downstairs when I got the computer hutch in 2000, shortly after Y2K passed and I bought my first desktop computer. There was nowhere else to put the stereo, nor play the albums. The computer hutch is still down there, just as “mission control” for the modem. I just got a new modem today and the tech asked if I use the desktop downstairs and I said I had not since I got the first laptop in 2009.

          2. Y2K – wow – I haven’t thought about that in a very long time. Before 9/11 and the pandemic and the insurrection. We were worried about the wrong things! Here we are 21 years later…

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