summer butterflies and bees

7.31.21 ~ Harkness Memorial State Park
Waterford, Connecticut

We’ve been having some gorgeous weather, comfortable temperatures and dry air! Blue skies. 🙂 Saturday we saw dozens of butterflies and hundreds of bees in the gardens at Harkness Memorial State Park and took many many pictures. Sometimes there are simply no words left to describe the beauty… Enjoy!

pollen clinging to hairs on the bee’s body
monarchs were everywhere
black swallowtail

Flower pictures coming tomorrow!

18 thoughts on “summer butterflies and bees”

  1. What a delight -to see and read about the hundreds of bees – and watch their furry bodies curv towards the flower. We don’t have Monarchs in Norway I think- this is pure pleasure for me

    1. So happy you enjoyed the pictures, Leelah! I think people are using fewer pesticides and planting more plants to attract the pollinators. I just learned that Connecticut is home to over 300 different species of bees!

    1. Thank you, Ally. I was excited to find a monarch on an orange flower. Most often I see them on purple flowers, but they match the orange so much better. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Donna! Happiness, indeed. One of those rare summer days when the temperatures and the sunlight and the breeze and the photographer and the butterflies, bees and flowers were all in splendid harmony!

  2. How beautiful Barbara! The Monarchs on such vibrant flowers are just exquisite. I like your busy bee as well. Is that a Swallowtail with the pointed rear wings? I have not seen a single butterfly this Summer which amazes me as it’s been hot enough that they should be in abundance. What a wonderful weather day you had as well and with butterflies flitting all around you as you walked … I’d hate to leave such a pretty place.

    1. Thank you, Linda! Best I can tell that is a black swallowtail. I understand the males and females have slightly different markings but I’m not discerning enough to figure out which sex this one is. That is strange you haven’t seen any butterflies yet. It was one of those rare, perfect days and it was oh so difficult to leave…

      1. I thought those hind wings were tipping me off Barbara – those butterflies were perfect specimens. I find it odd with no butterflies this Summer and I’ve been to the volunteer garden many times, so I guess next is to make a trip to the Botanical Gardens and see if there are some there. I’ve had mornings like that too Barbara – this week has been so wonderfully cool and calm … tomorrow we revert back to that sweltering heat and humidity.

        1. Yes, we had 6 wonderful days without the air-conditioning running! Restored my sanity. But the weather people tell me the muggies will be back today so I’m bracing myself. I hope your trip to the Botanical Gardens yields many butterfly sightings! Stay safe and cool, my friend. 🙂

          1. Our muggies were back this morning unfortunately Barbara. I decided to go to the Botanical Gardens to look for butterflies on Sunday instead – that way no fighting the rush-hour traffic getting up there now that I can’t leave as early … the sun is not until almost 6:30 these days. I will go early as it’s going to be 90 by afternoon. I am really looking forward to Fall. You stay safe and cool as well my friend.

  3. Oh! Look at all your beautiful butterflies! And bees! It’s so good to see them. I have not seen many here this year, but I was scrolling through my old photos and noticed that I photograph a lot of them in September and October so maybe they are just not here yet (or just not ready for their close-up…lol!).

    1. Ah, I guess that means these butterflies are migrating and one of their next stops will be down there in your area. I had to laugh, I just went through my old posts to figure out when the laughing gulls show up here because I haven’t seen them yet. Turns out it’s August and September. Looking forward to your coming butterfly pictures!

      1. That is funny, Barbara. The laughing gulls have been here since spring and look like they’re getting ready to leave. We exchange gulls for butterflies and vice versa. 😀

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