3.12.21 ~ gull on breakwater
Napatree Point Conservation Area, Watch Hill, Rhode Island

My yearning for Cape Cod had been becoming more and more intense in recent weeks so on Friday we decided to visit the next best place, Napatree Point, just over the state line in Rhode Island, the Ocean State. Another lovely warm and sunny day to enjoy before the cold weather returned for the weekend.

Atlantic Ocean

We could hear the waves long before we climbed over the dunes. The smell of the refreshing salt air beckoned. Along the way there was plenty of evidence of storms shifting the sands of the dunes over the winter.

“Dune Restoration in Progress”
remnants of a sand fence
“Ticks May Be Found in This Area”
imagine the force of the wind and water…
Napatree Point is a slender, 1.5 mile long peninsula
peaceful ocean, this day
dune grass
Watch Hill Lighthouse in the distance
spectacular sky
seed pod
seed pod
buds of a beach rose

It was uplifting communing with the dunes and the sea. Much needed after a long, cold February! And at home, a snowdrop waiting for me in my garden. πŸ’™


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  1. Oh how I enjoyed going to the beach with you. It looked so tranquil and peaceful there. If it was my choice I would live by the sea.

    1. It was wonderful having you along for the beach walk, Peggy! It was so serene and peaceful, and left me feeling grateful to live so close by the sea.

  2. These images made me cry – the sheer PUSH form them – LOOK at Nature – LOOK clearly – and you brought me right in when you mentioned the SOUND of the ocean. I am resting in it right now – the pulse and breath of it -remembering that we are not the waves, we are the Ocean, and all moves within us. now the Atlantic moves withing me- and the dunes and shells and seagulls – much much love and gratitude, dear Barbara – I am so glad we met

    1. I’m honored to know that my pictures moved you so deeply, Leelah! When I heard those waves from the far side of the dunes my heart was stirring, too. That’s one of my favorite illustrations about Presence and Unity, the waves and the ocean… we are so tied to the ocean, our blood, sweat and tears all have the same percentage of salt, ideal for healing. And to think how intrumental gulls/angels/sailor ancestors were involved in our meeting. πŸ˜‰ I’m so glad we met, too!

  3. You take the best photos of seagulls, Barbara! And those shells – amazing. It must have made your heart and soul sing, visiting the beach again, and then to return home to emerging snowdrops as well!
    That must have put a smile on your face. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you so much, Joanne! That gull photo was a very happy accident — he was quite far away and on the move — when I got home I was surprised and delighted to find it in the middle of all the duds. The snowdrop was definitley a day brightener. πŸ™‚

      1. I love happy accidents with photography! I have a lot of those as well. Your seagull photo should be a feature on your site where you have some photos down the side, it’s such a good one. 😊

        1. Actually, I’m thinking of getting a large print of it to hang up in my home. But I might get around to putting it in the blog sidebar, too… πŸ™‚

    1. It was the perfect day to visit a perfect place. πŸ™‚ The following days went back to frigid and windy — and I back to enjoying the great indoors…

    1. It was nice having you along for the walk, Sarah. So sorry to hear your beach plans didn’t happen last year but am hoping your April plans will come through. Which state do you visit for a beach trip?

        1. Ah, I googled it — it looks like a lovely place for a vacation! I can just imagine waking up to the sound of the waves breaking on the beach…

  4. Your dune scenes are gorgeous, Barbara, so glad to hear you both went and enjoyed this day! I love hearing the waves before seeing them, the anticipation as you climb the sand (sometimes with difficulty! lol) but the sight when seen, seeing AND hearing the waves crashing, just wonderful!! The icing on the cake was returning home and finding your snowdrop bloom. Indeed a perfect day!!

    1. Thank you, Donna! My knees did complain a bit as we climbed over the dune but the sandy terrain was good for hubby’s hips. πŸ™‚ There are no dunes at our little city beach, although I love the place, and because it’s on Long Island Sound the little waves don’t crash like they do on the open ocean. I’m so grateful a wild beach is only half an hour away…

  5. What a scenic locale and a nice day trip Barbara, just by crossing the state line to get away from it all and put you in a different frame of mind and even feeling and sounding like a different season. Of course you were prompted to visit here by the warmish weather we had … “temporary Spring” then a return to Winter-like weather again on the weekend … same for us. I’d enjoy a walk here too. It looked so peaceful, from your photos of the calm water to the pictures of the beach to the spent seed pods. I liked the idea of hearing the waves before you saw it … a nice getaway.

    1. Thank you, Linda! It was a very temporary spring indeed, but much appreciated. We had four days of very chilly mornings following. It still amazes me how the Connecticut shoreline is so protected by Long Island and Long Island Sound and how just a short distance away Rhode Island faces the Atlantic directly and has amazing dunes and waves. We don’t visit in the summer, though. There are so many tourists and no parking to be found for miles around. We’ll probably go again in late May or early June like we did last year…

      1. The stark beauty in Winter is amazing sometimes. I liked seeing those photos and picturing a Summer’s day. That’s too bad that the tourists there cause you to put a visit on pause, but I prefer any of the parks that I go to with as little people as possible and that was before COVID. It’s nicer to walk and enjoy nature without interruption.

        1. We’ll likely visit in June and September, before and after the crowds — I always love seeing the wild beach roses. The crowds don’t go to this beach much, even in summer, because there are no concession stands or rest rooms. It is truly a nature sanctuary. (There are other nearby beaches with those amenities.) But there is no parking lot for this beach so one has to park in the town and walk a distance. In the summer it is next to impossible to find a parking spot!

          1. Yes, June and September sounds the best to enjoy the natural setting. That’s nice they have not put concession stands or rest rooms there – more natural beauty to enjoy. It is nice with no crowds. I walked at Lake Erie Metropark yesterday – was there for a few hours, but the beginning part of my walk was the best as there were only two other people on the trails, one trail which I have not walked in about two years as it has been wet and soggy. It was good to walk it and I got some marsh pictures to share in a post … probably a while as I’m still backed up with Fall posts. I keep interspersing them with Winter or more-current items and now that I’m only posting twice a week, with only one long post, I am always far behind. We have a rainy week on tap and only nice on Saturday. I’m glad I seized the day yesterday and drove the 30 miles to enjoy that park.

          2. That sounds lovely, having Lake Erie Metropark almost all to yourself. Long moments in the changing seasons… Having so many pictures — it’s a nice problem to have when you think about it. πŸ™‚ Sometimes I look back at old posts because it feels like when I used to enjoy flipping through photo albums and scrapbooks in years gone by, enjoying the memories. Oh dear, I’m getting nostalgic now… Looking forward to your future posts, no matter how recent the pictures will be. πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Eliza! It was a rare perfect day! I am grateful to live so close to such a wild and spirit-restoring place…

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