This year I am especially appreciative of essential workers, healthcare workers, scientists, teachers, first responders, food distribution volunteers, people who wear masks, video calls, poll workers, determined voters and journalists.

And as always, feeling thankful for the love of family and friends, and for the ancestors, artists, musicians, naturalists and writers, past and present, who continue to enrich my life. For Mother Earth and Presence.

Wishing everyone a blessed, socially distanced, Thanksgiving!

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    1. Thank you, Leelah! It’s nice to have a 4-day-weekend to gather with family and friends and count our blessings. Sadly, materialism has crept into the celebration as people leave the table as soon as possible and head for the stores to start their holiday shopping. Sometimes I feel pretty homesick for the peaceful, lingering Thanksgivings of my childhood.

    1. Gulp, guzzle! (Doesn’t work as well, does it?) πŸ™‚ Hope you found a good way to cook your small turkey this year!

    1. In spite of it all, oh yes, so very much to be thankful for! Hope you and your loved ones had a happy Thanksgiving!

    1. The feeling is mutual, Kathy! Your friendship is one of the many blessings I find myself counting. Hope you didn’t shave any of your fingers into the salad while shaving the brussels. πŸ˜‰

  1. Thank you for your eloquent well wishes Barbara – I am sure that each of us echo those thoughts and silently hope that it was a safer holiday than our learned scientists worried about. I know some people threw caution to the wind to enjoy the company of family and friends after experiencing COVID fatigue – fingers crossed they won’t regret that decision.

    1. Now we brace ourselves to see if all the ones who traveled and gathered and threw caution to the wind will pay the piper. I hope things won’t be as bad as the experts fear. Our neighbors had people over, not as many as in years past, but people not from their household, nevertheless. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving, Linda, all tucked in there for the winter.

      1. Perhaps those who plan on big celebrations at Christmas should heed the next week or so of COVID cases/deaths before making arrangements. Surely people read the headlines? I have had a good Thanksgiving weekend so far Barbara, though the weather reports about this big storm have me worried … we will get a 4-8 inch snowfall unless the storm takes a different track. I’ve walked almost 7 miles both yesterday and today and might be turning in before planned as I have heavy eyes. πŸ™‚ All that fresh air and only a couple of others walking so safe … so far.

        1. I think your storm will be coming here on Monday and Tuesday, but bringing some more much needed rain. It would be nice to have a white Christmas, but I don’t want the snow to come this early! It sounds like you’re making the most of the good weather before the storm comes – it’s been years since I’ve walked 7 miles! I remember when I used to walk 3 miles every day… I guess some people just don’t believe the headlines. This morning I was sad to see a 13-year-old boy has just died from COVID-19. People need to pay attention and be more careful. We’re running out of nurses — it’s just so scary and sad. Stay safe, my friend! You’re doing all the right things.

          1. I heard the 6:00 p.m. news and they now say 3-5 inches for the Detroit Metro region (as of now), but 4-8, maybe 13 inches for outlying areas. I agree that it is too early, but confess it is always too early in my opinion. I have walked 6 miles regularly just on weekends/holidays, usually by the first long weekend after building up my daily miles to do that long of a walk, but am now pushing to get done earlier than usual. The stats will be horrid after Thanksgiving since people traveled, ate together and now shopped for Black Friday and the last newscast said 50 people are dying daily in the U.S. with 90,000 hospitalized right now. Those are the highest stats to date and very scary. I think I am safe at the Park which is the only place I plan to go. You hopefully can get your groceries delivered or you said Tim has been going … the less trips the better. It was beautiful today and I took a short trip in the car to give it a run, but 10 miles does not help much, but I don’t want to have to go fill up at the gas station right now either. What a year! We have the same dilemma with nurses too. The call is out for retired nurses to consider coming back to help. You stay safe too Barbara – this time next year things will be different hopefully.

          2. It’s shocking watching the statistics and then to see the personal stories, too. The last time I can remember feeling so stunned and crying so much while watching the news was during the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012. Now it happens almost every night. This is a tragedy of monumental proportions. I hope the vaccine starts being rolled out to protect the nurses very soon. It may take another year to get everyone vaccinated so we’ll need to stay careful for awhile yet, but I share your hope that by this time next year things will be much different.

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