tropical storm warning

Tropical Storm Fay moving northward east of the North Carolina coast. Expected to bring heavy rainfall and gusty winds to portions of the Mid-Atlantic coast and Southern New England.
~ National Hurricane Center

Looks like tomorrow might be an exciting day! Keeping our eyes on the path of this one. It’s been four years since we’ve had a tropical storm, eight years since we’ve had a hurricane. I hope this isn’t the start of a busy season.

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  1. Stay safe! I was in that last hurricane while living in Massachusetts. Scared me like crazy and we had near misses of huge pine trees that came down within feet of our houses. I am happy to be in sunny California now. Grew up with earthquakes and that I can handle. But hurricanes or tornados – Yikes! Your blog brings me joy. I feel like I am taking a walk with an old, beloved friend.

    1. Thank you, Victoria! Hurricanes can be very frightening, although my father never saw one as bad as the one that hit New England in 1938, when he was 17. I guess it’s all a matter of what you’re used to. I’ve never been in an earthquake but it sounds terrifying to me. I’ve never been to California but I did live in Greece for a couple of years, dreading a possible earthquake, though one never happened while I was there. It’s lovely to have you along for my walks!

    1. Thanks, Timi! Looks like it won’t be bad enough to have to go to a shelter so we can stay home safely away from the virus.

  2. Enjoy! We’re too far inland to feel the effects of this storm. However, we are having major “muggies” this week!

    1. Yup, your muggies come sooner in the year and stay longer than ours! Glad this storm missed you. I’ll never forget being down there when Hurricane Michael blew through in 2018… Fay is the record earliest ‘F’ storm in Atlantic Basin history. I don’t think this bodes well for the coming season.

  3. Here in the Boston area we’re just waiting for the rain. I guess we’ll get some wind also, but not as bad as your area. Hoping it will “clear the air’ a bit of the “muggies” as Susan described, but I don’t think that will happen. Stay safe!

    1. This comment landed in the spam queue, too. Sigh… Thank goodness the storm barely touched us! The muggies are back, big time, this week. Well, that’s summer for you!

      1. Glad you found me. I’m Pam, not Spam. 🙂 Yes, big muggies now, but to be honest, I sweep it up in my arms, preferring it to the freezing temps of the winter. Enjoy the rest of July!

        1. And I’m so glad you’re not Spam!!! 🙂 I remember that you are a summer lover and I much prefer winter, but I’m glad we’re still friends, in spite of that minor difference of opinion. 😉 (I’ll make the best of July if you promise to make the best of January!)

  4. The storm with most of its wind and rain stayed well to the west of us, so pretty much nothing happened. Phew!

    1. Glad to hear you stayed safe. Our son and daughter-in-law were waiting for this in New Jersey. Haven’t heard how it went there yet…

      1. Hope you son and daughter-in-law are all right. New Jersey had some flooding from heavy rainfall, from what I could see reported on our local news here.

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