the spent sun shines from its zenith

“Solstice of the Sunflower” by Paul Nash

The spent Sun shines from its zenith encouraging the Sunflower in the dual role of sun and firewheel to perform its mythological purpose. The Sun appears to be whipping the Sunflower like a top. The Sunflower Wheel tears over the hill cutting a path through the standing corn and bounding into the air as it gains momentum. This is the blessing of the Midsummer Fire.
~ Paul Nash
(WikiArt website)

9 thoughts on “the spent sun shines from its zenith”

    1. Happy Midsummer, Susan! We managed to make it special with just the two of us and I hope to post some pictures soon. ❦

    1. Happy Midsummer, Ally! ❦ Happy you like the modern art, which was a change from my usual, more traditional selections…

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