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“Getting Ready for Winter” by Šarūnas Burdulis
American red squirrel descaling and eating hemlock seeds

I found this picture some time ago on Wikimedia Commons and have been saving it for pairing with a poem or a quote but, so far, nothing has turned up to inspire. However, today is my ten year blogging anniversary and the timing seems right. The picture captures the best of my childhood memories in the woods. I used to pretend those tiny hemlock cones were bushes for the landscaping around the little houses I built in my sandbox…

After about a month of doing well on medication for the radiation proctitis I suffered a setback at the end of January, leaving me frustrated and discouraged and tied to the house again. We’re trying something new and hoping things will improve soon. In the meantime I’ve pushed myself to resume my yoga for seniors, which I hadn’t done since last fall when I got so sick. And much to my surprise, I’ve taken up doing jigsaw puzzles! It seems easier than reading these days. Using a different part of my weary brain, no doubt. Watching the birds at my feeder provides hours of entertainment.

Naturally a lot has changed in ten years since I started blogging! I used to spend more time sharing images, lyrics, poetry, and quotes, and I still love a good pairing of words and pictures now and then. Now, my main joys seem to be nature walks and photography and family history research. I do hope I will be able to get back to them in the near future.

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  1. I’m certainly glad that you’re still at this blogging thing! Happy Anniversary! Where shall we all be in another ten years?

  2. Getting older has taught me that nothing stays the same. My issues are mobility so my writing is not affected but my outside adventures certainly are. I also watch the birds, but I still read and draw. Puzzles are great fun and can be a way to spend time with family. Hope you feel better with time.

    1. Thank you, Jane. So true, change is the only thing we can count on! My husband has mobility problems, too, and it seems, at least so far, we get to help each other with our complementary strengths. Short trips to photograph local cemeteries serve for adventures now. And we do enjoy puzzles when tied to the house…

  3. We started blogging around the same time.
    I’m sorry your health is giving you problems. Isn’t it nice to sit and watch the birds ! I too love my walks but a couple of TIAs (mini strokes) lead me to spending time in hospital which was most boring. Thank goodness for free health care here in Canada !

    I too spend time researching my roots in the winter but certainly have not learned family histories in the wonderful detail that you have.

    Glad you’re getting back into the yoga.

    I suck at puzzles. How big are the ones you’re doing ?

    Be well.

    1. Has it been that long?

      So sorry to hear you’ve been having health problems, too. TIAs sound very scary but you’ve got such a healthy life-style. I hope you don’t have any more episodes ~ take good care of yourself. And treasure your free health care! I’m praying we get it here.

      Your family history research has led you to find living relatives in England, though ~ that’s pretty exciting!

      My puzzles are about 18 x 24 inches. 500 pieces seems to be too much of a challenge so I’m sticking to to the 300 piece ones from now on.

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