“Herding Sheep in a Winter Landscape at Sunset”
by Joseph Farquharson

Nothing there is that does not love the sun. It gives us warmth and life; it melts the bitter snow and ice of winter; it makes plants grow and flowers bloom. It gives us the long summer evenings, when darkness never comes. It saves us from the bitter days of midwinter, when the darkness is broken only for a handful of hours and the sun is cold and distant, like the pale eye of a corpse.
~ Neil Gaiman
(Norse Mythology)

8 thoughts on “midwinter”

    1. It’s amazing how another minute or two of sunshine a day can make us feel. Sunny days in January dazzle and sparkle! ♡

        1. Sounds like a good day to curl up with a book. 🙂 We’re getting strong winds and rain but I am hearing reports about all the freezing stuff you folks up north and inland are getting. Brighter days will come!

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