last full moon of summer

8.26.18 ~ full sturgeon moon, Eastern Point

The fourth heat wave of the season begins today. It’s expected to last three days.

So far in 2018, there have been 3 heat waves: the first lasted 7 days… June 29th – July 5th; the second one was only 3 days… July 15th to the 17th; the third one was 5 days in duration… August 5th to the 9th.Also, a record has been set for longest stretch of consecutive days 80 or higher, for the Hartford Area. The prior record of 36 days from 1939 was well surpassed, with 44 days in a row, from June 28th to August 10th of this year!
~ Mike Cameron
(Eyewitness News, Channel 3 website)

The end of this brutal summer cannot come soon enough for me!

8.26.18 ~ smart laughing gulls return to Eastern Point Beach

Last night we went down to the beach to see the full moon. Even the sea breeze was humid! But on the bright side we saw a few laughing gulls, who have learned to ignore the gull repellent system, hanging out in the parking lot!!!

8 thoughts on “last full moon of summer”

  1. Good for the Laughing Gulls! I think they are some of my favorites, maybe because we see them a lot here. I’m looking forward to cooler weather, too. I’m not a big fan of the heat and humidity.

    1. I am very fond of laughing gulls, too, with their tiny size and adorable little black legs. 🙂 Let’s hope autumn doesn’t take its time getting here this year. Sometimes I dream of moving farther north but I’m not sure it would help much.

    1. It does seem like the whole country, the whole world even, is struggling to cope with this extra hot and humid summer!

  2. Those gulls will have the last laugh yet! I hope your gull friend with the mangled foot manages to show up. Fall is coming! We just had a couple of cooler days and nights and it was delicious (though back up to 90 today). Those days will be back pretty soon, I think.

    1. I hope you’re right. We went to the farmers market today, where everyone and everything seemed wilted and sapped. I did see my gull friend once in July. It seems like ages ago. And Larisa found a picture of him someone posted in the Facebook Eastern Point Beach group. Tough old guy!

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