2.2.18 ~ Fota Wildlife Park, Carrigtwohill, Cork, Ireland ~ Lar gibbon (?)

My goodness I am so very tired. A side effect of the radiation that might last up to three months. So I am trying to go with the flow… Radiation seems to have lowered my immunity and I came down with yet another cold while in Ireland. All the same, I’m so happy we went!

One amazing positive thing has happened since my ovaries were removed: I haven’t had a migraine since the surgery. It may be too soon to jump for joy but I’m keeping my fingers crossed and keeping a small supply of Zomig on hand, just in case.

After my second dose of radiation on a Wednesday we hopped on the plane to Ireland. I slept most of the trip over, the first time I ever fell asleep on a jet. We arrived first thing Thursday morning, Ireland time, and after the hellos we both took a nap. When we came downstairs we had lunch and then Larisa and I walked Katherine to her afternoon Montessori school. It felt so good to stretch my legs and breathe in the fresh air.

2.2.18 ~ Fota Wildlife Park
Carrigtwohill, Cork, Ireland
bundled up Katherine

On Friday Katherine skipped school and Tim, Larisa and I took her to Fota Wildlife Park in Carrigtwohill, County Cork. I think I will save most of the animal pictures to pair with quotes but will share a few here.

2.2.18 ~ Fota Wildlife Park, Carrigtwohill, Cork, Ireland
a rook introduces itself

Ubiquitous in Ireland: brown sugar for your tea; greenery; unheated bathrooms; sinks with two faucets, one for cold and one for hot; sheep; and rooks. A rook is “a gregarious Eurasian crow with black plumage and a bare face, nesting in colonies in treetops.” Of course one found me and insisted on telling me its story. 🙂

the rook certainly had a lot to say
in the gift shop I bought a book on Irish birds identifying
the rooks we saw every day and everywhere
the rook seemed to be wondering if I understood now…
2.2.18 ~ Fota Wildlife Park, Carrigtwohill, Cork, Ireland
Katherine excited to see penguins!

As many of you know, Katherine adores penguins!

2.2.18 ~ Fota Wildlife Park, Carrigtwohill, Cork, Ireland ~ Humboldt penguin

A wonderful time was had by all!

14 thoughts on “fatigue”

  1. How lovely–I was glad to see that you shared a bit of your trip, Barbara. Sorry that you are feeling fatigued, but hopefully that will ease over time. And that the migraines stay far away. Going on a trip like that would be fatiguing in itself! Wonderful that you were able to go to the wildlife park and enjoy the creatures with your dear ones.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I’ve decided to take a three month “vacation.” Plenty of naps and walks and to hell with the housework! It will no doubt still be there when I’m ready to tackle it. And I will keep sharing pictures, even if some are out of order because some were on the camera and some were on the smart phone. Trying not to be so rigid about presenting them. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the wise advice, Val. Have you had radiation treatments? I’m enjoying the gift of having a handy excuse for my untidy house. 🙂 *hugs*

      1. My husband went through radiation and 2 doses of chemo over the past 2 years. The immune system and white blood cell count takes a hit for quite a while. He is thankfully cancer free right now. Didn’t even get a cold this winter! Sending love and light your way 💕

        1. Thank you, Val! I’m so happy to know that your husband cancer free for now! What a blessing to get through the winter without a cold ~ I’ve had three in the past three months so I will look forward to going back to catching a cold only once every few years. 💕

    1. Thank you, Tiny! It is always a thrill watching Katherine’s face light up when she sees a penguin, in a picture, as a stuffed animal, or in real life. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Jane! I have a feeling Katherine’s love of penguins will last a lifetime, just like your son. 🙂

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