an abundant small goose

1.20.18 ~ Eastern Point Beach, a visiting flock of brants

The Canada geese we have around here seem to live here year-round. Several times a day I hear them honking overhead as they fly from the beach to the south, to the golf course to the west, and to the salt marsh and fields to the east of us. I love that sound.

1.20.18 ~ Eastern Point Beach

Yesterday as we were taking a walk down by the beach we saw a flock of geese feeding on the grassy area but there was something different about them. They seemed smaller than Canada geese. Tim walked around behind them so they would come toward me and the camera. The one below seemed a little curious.

1.20.18 ~ Eastern Point Beach

Then they decided to walk away from both of us in a third direction.

1.20.18 ~ Eastern Point Beach

When Tim joined me again they decided it was safe to return to their original dining area. They went back single file!

brants filing by Zbierski House

After researching online I think it is indeed a type of small goose, called the brant. I love discovering new kinds of visitors when I go to the ‘same old’ beach!

An abundant small goose of the ocean shores, the Brant breeds in the high Arctic tundra and winters along both coasts. The Brant along the Atlantic have light gray bellies, while those off the Pacific Coast have black bellies and were at one time considered a separate species.
~ All About Birds website

Of course there were plenty of gulls feeding, too. But they’re after the seafood found in shells…

one of my gull friends eyeing a meal
1.20.18 ~ Eastern Point Beach
late afternoon sun behind Tyler House
shining through the left corner window on the second floor

It was a lovely winter afternoon at the beach.

4 thoughts on “an abundant small goose”

  1. I love the markings on the necks of those geese – looks like a partly opened fan. We have geese here, too – though also Canada geese, and sometimes Brent geese, not these ones. I hear them flying over and honking several times a day, also – great sound! 🙂

    That’s a very impressive house in your lower photo. Love the sun shining through it.

    1. The little City of Groton bought the house and property from the Tyler family in 1945 for use as a public beach. Nowadays it houses a concession stand, lifeguard offices and changing rooms, public rest rooms and locker rooms, and a first aid room, all on the first floor. I often wonder what it must have been like living there. And I wish we could go upstairs and see what’s up there! Our kids grew up on this beach, we visited it often, even in the winter.

      I’m happy that you love the sound of honking geese, too!

    1. Thank you, Tiny! It was good getting out and about again, and to discover something new was the icing on the cake!

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