10 thoughts on “dreams that have stayed with me”

    1. I don’t remember most of my dreams but there have been a few that prompted a change in the course in my life… Unfortunately, my spider nightmares remain vividly in my memory…

    1. I dreamed of going to Norway to explore the land of some of my ancestors. Not sure why Norway called to me so much. Finally got to go when I was 58, and now I want to go again even more…

  1. Wasn’t sure what kind of dreams we were talking about; waking (hopes and) dreams or sleeping dreams.

    I totally “get” your feeling called to visit Norway. Places tug at our hearts. Last year at the age of 67 I went on my own to visit family in England. It was a very special trip and although the world is full of marvellous other places, my heart is calling me back to England.

    1. I think we were talking about both kinds of dreams. 🙂

      It’s funny how some people love to travel for the sake of traveling and try to see as many different places as they can. Not me! When I was in Norway I felt like I was in a waking dream, it was just as I imagined it would be, and I felt at home there. Here’s hoping you and I get back to England and Norway some day soon.

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