7.17.17 ~ great egret at Eastern Point Beach

While Tim & I were eating our supper at the beach last night we noticed a great egret fishing for a meal. After we finished I decided to see how close I could get to him for some pictures. He didn’t seem to notice me at all, his attention was so focused on fish in the water.

7.17.17 ~ great egret at Eastern Point Beach

Got it!

7.17.17 ~ great egret at Eastern Point Beach

The fish put up a good struggle but the egret kept at it until he got the fish in the right position to gulp it down.

7.17.17 ~ great egret at Eastern Point Beach

It was really over quite fast ~ my eye didn’t see as much as the “sports” setting on the camera was able to capture.

7.17.17 ~ great egret at Eastern Point Beach

I’m amazed he didn’t drop the fish at some point!

7.17.17 ~ great egret at Eastern Point Beach

Ready to swallow!

7.17.17 ~ great egret at Eastern Point Beach

And then it was gone. Followed by a quick sip of water…

7.17.17 ~ great egret at Eastern Point Beach

Since he was still studying the water I wondered if he was preparing for another strike or if he needed to wait a little to make room for more.

7.17.17 ~ great egret at Eastern Point Beach

My sister and I saw a great egret fishing at the beach back in 2013, but I didn’t have my camera that morning. This is the first time I got a picture of one with a fish in its mouth! I’m still bubbling with excitement. 🙂

For 32 years the concession stand at our beach was run by Bob & Pat Garcia, but sadly, Pat died this past April. We miss them terribly! Their foot-long hot dogs were inexpensive and very high quality. We always had one with sauerkraut on it. Someone else is running the stand now and we’re doing our best to get used to the change. The hot dogs and sauerkraut are not nearly as good. But last night we sampled a handcrafted hamburger and decided we could live with that and continue our summer tradition, slightly altered.

I haven’t seen my gull friend with the mangled foot this year, so that is making me a little melancholy, as well. But having a chance to photograph the great egret catching his dinner brightened my mood considerably. 🙂

8 thoughts on “dinnertime”

  1. Beautifully captured photographs of the Great Egret capturing its dinner! The sweet story of your tradition of you summer nights at the beach concession stand and continuing journey experiences to have in you memories…

    1. Thank you so much, Jeff! Leave it to Mother Nature to find a way to lift my spirits and to add new memories along the way…

  2. What a wonderful series of photos Barbara!! They are year round visitors to our delta area and always such a pleasure to observe. Beautiful bird and amazing photos.

    1. Thank you, Colleen! We only see them in the summer when they come to breed on a little island in one of our salt ponds. It’s so nice to see you here again ~ I hope all is well. 🙂

  3. Great pictures and description – I’ve seen egrets eat fish several times and I’m always amazed how hard they have to work to get the fish lined up just right so that it can be swallowed.


    1. Thank you, Sheryl! It’s so amazing the dexterity and skills they need to juggle the fish in those jaws in order to feed themselves. Makes me think of trying to use chopsticks to eat a wiggling fish…

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