8 thoughts on “wintry wind”

  1. brrr. . . just looking at this picture makes me feel cold. But I keep trying to remember that (according to the groundhog) there are only six more weeks of winter. 🙂

    1. It makes me feel cold, too, Sheryl! Groundhog Day seems to mark the half-way point of winter, but somehow, this year it seems winter has not yet arrived. Only two snowstorms so far! 🙂

  2. The painting reminds me of a few winters ago when farmers stupidly left their sheep out in really bad blizzards – a lot died. But it’s a beautiful painting.

    1. That’s so awful! With the kind of weather forecasting we have these days there is no longer any excuse for farmers leaving their sheep out in a blizzard. In the past I bet there were often times shepherds were caught by surprise when a blizzard arrived, but at least the one in this painting seems to be trying to gather his sheep home.

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