8 thoughts on “beauty is infinity”

  1. Ever there, always, the beauty does not cease even when we do not witness it, and beauty continues even after our identity is gone.
    Of course now I have to keep an eye out of butterfly eggs!

    1. So very true, Jeff! If you do find a butterfly egg I cannot wait to see how you capture it on film. 🙂

      My grandmother spent many happy hours photographing insects and their eggs. She found them when she went out in the woods with my grandfather, who was a land surveyor.

      1. Wow I did know your Grandmother had accomplished that creative aspect.
        Once I researched the butterfly egg activity I realized I have most likely had seen them on the Milkweed plant leaves only to consider them “growths”. Now I will have to examine those leaves more closely! I love challenge!

        1. I have a feeling I’ve seen lots of little things on leaves and never realized what they might be. That’s the thing about nature — it’s full of surprises when we change our perspective a little here and there. 🙂 Happy egg hunting, Jeff!

    1. Thank you, Sheryl. I never know what amazing pictures I will find when browsing through the National Digital Library. 🙂

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