one year old
9.17.15 ~ Katie with Grammy’s mishas

Thinking of my sweet little one-year-old granddaughter today. Even though she lives so far away in North Carolina I have had the joy of seeing her many times this year, the last time only eight days ago when I took these pictures. She’s a very curious and busy little girl!
9.17.15 ~ Katie
“Do you know what this toy is, Grammy?” ~ 9.17.15 ~ Katie
giving it some thoughtful consideration ~ 9.17.15 ~ Katie
a tender moment ~ 9.17.15 ~ Katie
practicing standing while playing with newspaper ~ 9.17.15 ~ Katie

Happy Birthday, Katie!

12 thoughts on “one year old”

  1. I know I’m late in posting this, but I wanted to say that in some of these pictures she really reminds me of Nat and even of Beverly. I think it’s very funny actually that even though she’s made from Dima and I, she looks the most like Nat and Dima’s sister Lisa.

    1. I think Katie has Nate’s and Lisa’s coloring, too, perhaps she’s a “winter”? When you were a little girl and when you wore your hair in pigtails you looked exactly like Beverly, especially when you were riding in the car sitting next to Grandpa. 🙂

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