8 thoughts on “…first day of winter…”

  1. Happy Solstice, Dear Friend! Yesterday we saw our first snow flurries. Tonight we’ll celebrate outside around a friend’s fire pit. Enjoy your celebration! Although our evenings will now start to get longer, our mornings will continue to get darker for another three weeks or so, accompanied by the year-round pansies.

    1. A belated Happy Solstice to you, too, dear Susan. How interesting that you get to do a fire pit for the winter solstice – up here we usually do that for the summer solstice. But we burn many candles inside. The local nature center had a solstice luminaria walk in the woods – maybe some year I can find someone to go with me. Enjoy your winter pansies!

  2. Oh I wish I shared your welcome for Winter. To me it is just a time to be gotten through … too cold and too long and too dark.

    But what a wonderful illustration you chose.

    1. Thank you, Sybil. It’s funny, I’d rather be outside in the winter than in the summer – there’s something so refreshing about cold, crisp air that revitalizes me. And snow is magical to me. But mostly I love the change of seasons – variety is the spice of life, so I try to welcome all of them!

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