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  1. Yes, but Anne Sexton committed suicide. Probably an overdose of snow (being a wiseguy. I actually know how she did it)
    . I like it where I am now. My snow shovel and I have gotten a divorce. The worst winter in Richmond brought a total of 3 feet of the white stuff.

    1. Sometimes I think people suffering from the kind of depression that leads to suicide – I believe depression is a life-threatening disease of the brain – are highly sensitive to pain and also to awe-inspiring beauty. It’s good to know that Sexton experienced some moments of pure delight in her long struggle with mental illness.

      I still love snow and, oddly enough, shoveling it! I keep expecting that longing for a warmer climate to come over me as it eventually does to many older ones, but so far I’m still in love with the changing seasons of New England.

    1. Me, too, Robin! Whenever it snows I think of the igloo my father built for my sister and me one winter, and how magical it was to play in. 🙂

  2. Wishing for snow here, Barbara, as the hottest day so far this spring is drawing to a close. I would love to feel younger in November each year, when the first snow arrives. Have fun as the soft, white snow falls. 🙂

    1. Today I’m trying to catch up with responding to blog comments and I had to laugh when I got back here. We might have been more careful about what we wished for – we have way too much snow now! And more is on the way. Either extreme, hot or cold, drought or flood, makes life difficult! 🙂

    1. Poor Sybil… You got so much more than your share of precipitation and other troubles this winter – spring simply cannot come soon enough…

  3. I’ve never seen falling snow. I’ve waded through the aftermath and must have wondered what molecular difference there was that changed the soft storm into those ice-y hills. Any symbol of Autumn and Winter I cherish, which is about all I can do, living in Los Angeles, where it is now a brisk…75 degrees.

    1. It’s as hard for me to imagine what it must be like to never have seen falling snow, or the ocean, for that matter. But I suspect many things that seem ordinary to you where you live would dazzle me. I’ve never seen a prairie or a desert or the Rocky Mountains, all of which I hope to experience some future day…

  4. This is Lovely! I hope you enjoy the beautiful snow. I had a glance at the baby’s pictures in your posts. She is very cute. May she have a wonderful life ahead. So this is going to be her first snow..
    Best wishes to you too Barbara.. stay warm 🙂

    1. Thank you, Sonali! Unfortunately it didn’t snow while Katie was here – Mother Nature decided to wait until she went home and then started to send us snow with a vengeance. Our little Katie is the apple of our eyes – of course we agree with you, she is very cute! But most importantly, she is healthy, curious and very happy. 🙂

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