Katie by the Sea

10.25.14 ~ Outer Banks, North Carolina

…Katie’s first trip to the beach…

Dima & Larisa took Katie on a camping trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina this weekend. Larisa sent this picture and reports that the new family is enjoying bonding on their first weekend getaway, and Katie doesn’t seem to mind roughing it in her little travel bassinet. She looks like she feels safe in Daddy’s arms. No doubt she will grow to love the sea as much as her extended family does. ♥

9 thoughts on “Katie by the Sea”

  1. Even now, I feel incomplete if I don’t get to the seashore once a year. You’ll have to get her a big seashell so she can always listen to the sound of the sea! Jane

  2. Been to the Outer Banks several times. It’s always beautiful and peaceful this time of year. A perfect time to introduce a new life to the sand and sea.

  3. Thank you all so much for your delightful comments! Sometimes I get so behind with my blog responses…

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