baby girl!

Our new little granddaughter arrived yesterday morning! I am still thrilled to pieces that I got to be there when she was born. 7 lbs, 12.5 oz., 20 inches long. Cute as a button, large bright hazel eyes, her mother’s long eye lashes, her father’s long toes, and a head full of hair. Full of curiosity. I had a chance to hold her, too. Mother and baby are doing well.

A few days ago my laptop broke and I have no way of sending pictures from my camera to the computer. Sigh. But when things settle down and the computer wizards have a chance to fix this I will definitely post some pictures!

10 thoughts on “baby girl!”

  1. Wonderful news Barbara. Congratulations to the new parents (and grandparents).
    She sounds beautiful – hope it doesn’t take too long to get your computer fixed so we can see her.

  2. Congrats Grandma! Nothing better than being a grandparent, except for a great grandparent. For now, just be the best grandma you can.

  3. Oh Barbara, I am so happy for you and Tim and Larisa and your son-in-law! Wonderful news. Was just thinking about you and decided to come over and see if the wee one had made her appearance yet. Congratulations!

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