storm on the way

8.12.14 ~ Groton, Connecticut
swamp rose mallow ~ 8.12.14 ~ Beach Pond

misty sunlit noon
swamp mallows basking in pink
a storm on the way
~ Barbara Rodgers
(By the Sea)
8.12.14 ~ Eastern Point Beach

I first met this battered old gull three years ago in August of 2011, when we were expecting Hurricane Irene. Today he sat on this post right next to us, closer than he’s ever come before, and we heard his long and mournful cry again. He looks a lot worse for wear, his life has no doubt been difficult with that badly mangled foot. Now it looks like he has a barnacle or a growth on his beak. I think he was letting us know about the approaching rain storm. No hurricane this time, though.

8 thoughts on “storm on the way”

  1. I’ve heard that magpies remember people for many years, even when they haven’t seen them in some time, and I wonder if this seagull remembered you. There’s a lot going on in those tiny brains! It’s so wonderful that you remembered him.

    Your opening poem is just lovely. The words and photo really do compliment each other. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Joanne! 🙂

      We don’t have magpies here, but I did find out they are part of the crow family of birds. I’ve heard that crows remember people, too, and teach their young ones which people are safe to hang around and which ones to avoid.

      I like to think this gull remembers me. He knows I won’t feed him – our food is not good for them and we are not supposed to feed the wildlife at the beach – yet he likes to keep us company. He’s a brave soul, apparently living well in spite of his mangled foot…

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