a trail of busted stuff

"The White Mantle" by Willard Metcalf (1858-1925) American Painter
“The White Mantle” by Willard Metcalf

1° F here this frigid morning… Winter storm Bethany dumped some snow on us Thursday and Friday, and this morning I peeked out the window to see what kind of shoveling job I have ahead of me this afternoon, when it should be a little bit warmer. It doesn’t look like many of our neighbors have been out to shovel either. The world seems so still in the cold.

It was a production getting the bathroom warm enough to take a shower in! But now that I am clean and swathed in extra layers of clothing, I decided to find a painting and type out a few words for a blog post. It’s a start.

Not surprisingly, after nine months of unrelenting stress, my poor husband has succumbed to a bad cold. He’s tucked in on the couch, watching old movies and science fiction movies – a well-deserved rest from his care-giving. I’m bringing him soup, tissues, medicines, hot tea with honey. It’s going to take us a long time to recuperate and rebuild after a rolling stone entered our lives, in the form of his brother Toby.

A rolling stone gathers no moss
But leaves a trail of busted stuff
~ Dave Matthews
♫ (Busted Stuff) ♫

I hesitate to write much about the past year and the the joys and sorrows it brought, all blessings, some in disguise. Toby was easy to love but impossible to live with. Yet somehow we did it. I still had much to learn about family love and pain and trust and compassion. My heart is full of gratitude as I hibernate here in the winter to contemplate and heal…

14 thoughts on “a trail of busted stuff”

    1. Thank you, Laurie! We will need time to appreciate the memories in the rear-view mirror, while we look up and forward and on to new adventures.

  1. Have you guys seen “Galaxy Quest” ? It’s a loving spoof/tribute to Star Trek and Conventions etc. Starring Tim Allen and with a great cast. Not a recent film but one of my favourites.

    1. Tim had seen “Galaxy Quest” and has it on DVD – he was excited that I now wanted to watch it with him, and we both had a few good laughs last night. Thanks for the recommendation, Sybil!

      The night before we watched the director’s cut of “Watchmen” and I was surprised at how much I’m starting to enjoy science fiction – a lot of existential stuff there. (Historical fiction is usually my genre of choice.)

  2. Hibernation is probably exactly what you and your husband need right now, Barbara. I’m so glad that Mother Nature is helping by providing that for you. *Hugs* and wishing you restorative peace for this new year.

    1. Thank you so much for your well wishes and hugs, Robin. People keep urging us to take a little vacation, but planning one seems like too much for now. (And Mother Nature might get us stranded in an airport in a storm somewhere!) It’s healing to simply putter around our home, getting reorganized a little at a time. *hugs*

  3. The Universe is conspiring to make you and Tim care for yourselves Barbara, just as you both should be. If you need to stay home to recuperate, stay home; if you need to go out and about, do so….just be happy. (I love Laurie’s comment too!) It’s all behind you now and Toby is at peace. Now, it’s yours and Tim’s turn for attention. xxx

    1. It’s true, Joanne, it feels like staying put is the best thing for us now. Yesterday we went out to take passport pictures, just in case we do start planning a trip, but we went to the wrong place to get them. Then I went to deposit a check in the credit union and found out that I was trying to deposit the check’s stub, not the check. Back home to get the check. A wild goose chase! Our brains still aren’t functioning at full speed, so we’re staying in for now. 🙂 *hugs*

  4. Hi Barbara. The idea of hibernation never occurred to me before this winter. But I learned very fast. I hunker down in my warm chair and knit. My husband is out snowplowing on the snowy days, so I wait for the phone to ring and watch the snow come down. I also watch my cat. She feels no guilt in finding a warm place to rest. Jane

    1. Hi Jane, another comment from you I missed! The scene you describe sounds very soothing and comforting to me. The only thing I would add is the smell of a slow cooker in the kitchen making a warm winter stew for dinner. If the weather forecasters are right, we are in for another doozy of a winter coming up!

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