21 inches of snow ~ 2.8.13

Connecticut averaged about 30 inches of snow, down here by the coast in southeastern Connecticut we got 21 inches. Below is the first peek out the door the morning after!
Blizzard Charlotte ~ 2.9.13 ~ Groton, Connecticut
2.9.13 ~ Groton, Connecticut

Our governor has banned all use of roads today – we won’t be going anywhere any time soon. Our neighbor’s son has been digging out his mom’s car and thankfully he will be doing ours, too! It’s heavy wet snow. The workers with the snow-blowers to clean off the sidewalks have not even arrived yet.
2.9.13 ~ Groton, Connecticut

Relieved of shoveling responsibilities we decided to take a short walk. The wind is still blowing and biting. That’s me in the next picture, bundled up and ready to proceed.
2.9.13 ~ Groton, Connecticut

We heard many limbs snapping off trees during the peak of the storm. These evergreens (below) behind our unit normally stand tall and straight. They are terribly bent over now by the weight of the snow…
2.9.13 ~ Groton, Connecticut
2.9.13 ~ Groton, Connecticut

After we finished checking out the back we decided to take a walk up the road, which is normally very busy with traffic. It would seem everyone is in compliance with the travel ban.
2.9.13 ~ Groton, Connecticut

Returning home through the other end of the parking lot we found another evergreen between three other buildings weighed down by the snow.
2.9.13 ~ Groton, Connecticut

Sadly, there was a terrible incident at our condo complex this morning. I heard a woman screaming and quickly went to look out the window. A small group of people had gathered around the woman but I couldn’t see what was happening because of the snow drifts. Soon a policeman arrived and our neighbor later informed us that someone’s dog had attacked and killed someone else’s dog. I was stunned. Tim later saw the policeman taking away a little body in a black plastic bag. Rest in peace, little dog…
2.9.13 ~ Groton, Connecticut

There’s our neighbor (above) still working away at his massive shoveling job! We went back inside and had some hot cocoa, feeling a little guilty that we had not done any shoveling to earn such a delicious reward!

16 thoughts on “21 inches of snow ~ 2.8.13”

  1. The trees around the Passage are bare from the high winds. Snow still being blown around. Not sure how much has fallen here but it looks like it might be less than where you are. Your photos are lovely. Hope those trees spring back.

    1. Tim tried knocking some of the snow off the evergreens, but it was frozen on like glue. We’re getting rain today and we’re hoping some of the snow will melt and the rain will wash enough off of the trees before the temperature goes down below freezing again. Evergreens have a harder time of it dealing with sticky icy snow than the deciduous trees without their leaves. I’ve never seen the ones behind us brought so low, and two of them did snap in half. Sigh… Hope your trees made it through all right!

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I’ve been complaining so much about our relative lack of snow this year – I guess I should be more careful about what I wish for. Poor little doggie – I still feel shocked about his sudden, horrible end…

  2. Great pictures Barbara. You guys are lucky you didn’t lose power with all that snow!
    How long was your neighbor’s son shoveling out there? I hope he’s OK – shoveling wet snow is hard on the back.
    Sheesh what an ending to the storm – the poor little dog.

    1. Thank you, Rosie. We did lose power a couple of times, but only for a minute or so. The neighbor’s son shoveled until darkness fell, and his mom reported that he slept until noon the next day. Then he was out shoveling again. They have three cars, we only have one, so only ¼ of that digging time was for us! He’s in his 20s and a great guy. 🙂 I agree, poor little dog – I’ll never forget the sound of that poor woman screaming…

  3. Good heavens, I hadn’t realised how damaging snow can be! I hope those tree limbs can bounce back and continue to survive, without breaking. Enjoy your hot cocoa. After the walk in the snow, taking photos, you’ll probably need more than one mug! Your neighbour will need to warm up after the shovelling too. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks, Joanne… Not sure how well the trees will recover. Two of them snapped in half. There have already been reports on the news of roofs caving in around the state because of the heaviness of the snow. Schools and state offices remain closed today, but traffic seems to be picking up a little bit out there. Some roads still haven’t been plowed yet and some snow plows actually got stuck in the snow! I didn’t get entirely out of shoveling snow, though – I spent some time yesterday working on our balcony, removing layers of snow and ice blown onto it. Was concerned about the weight of it all…

  4. I’m working backwards with your posts. Wow, you really got hit – much more snow than we had, and, from experience I know the wet heavy snow is the worst – for shoveling and hanging on trees and power lines, etc. That is so sad about the little dog – I felt an ache inside as I read about his terrible end, as I always do when when animals suffer. Hope things are getting better by now. Blessings.

    1. My heart is still aching for the little dog, too. Even though we got an amazing amount of snow it’s hard to believe that our town got off lightly compared to other towns in Connecticut. Hamden got 40 inches of snow!!! There have been over a hundred roofs collapsed after the storm, mostly agricultural buildings like barns, chicken coops and plant nurseries, and two cows died when their barn roof collapsed. Some schools are still closed because some roads are still not plowed and roofs must be checked before children can be let in the building. The state had to borrow military equipment to help expedite snow removal. A storm to remember, for sure. Thank you for stopping by, my friend. ♥

      1. Wow, 40 inches of snow! Sounds like the blizzard of 77 in the Buffalo area which fortunately I missed as I was out of the country. But my parents shared some chilling memories of it. So glad you missed the worst of it and that everyone that was affected will get the help they need to get back to ‘normal’. XO

        1. Thanks, Diane. Weather history – it sure makes life interesting and gives us stories to share! 🙂 Looks like we’re in for a little more snow this weekend – I may not get up to visit my father until spring arrives. 🙁

    1. Normally I love shoveling snow in the winter – not much of a summer person – but 21 inches is a bit too much, even for me! 🙂

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