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  1. I’m glad the movie got nominated. I think one should see it on 3-D and a friend disagreed with me. What do you think?
    – I’m also delighted that “Beast of the southern wild” got nominated. It was my favorite movie of all the movies we’ve seen. We saw it at a screening with the director and the actors and it was a huge surprise to see that the director is only 30!
    – But I was surprised that Ben Affleck didn’t get nominated for best actor and best director for Argo. I thought he did a wonderful job on the movie.

    1. Well, Rosie, the first two times I saw “Life of Pi” in 2D it blew me away and I couldn’t imagine it being any better. I had seen “Avatar” both ways and was not impressed with the 3D version. But when we did see “Life of Pi” in 3D I was astounded to find it amazing and became so immersed in the experience that I forgot about the annoying glasses on my poor nose. Perhaps 3D can be done so well that it is not noticed in and of itself by the audience. Perhaps some cinematographers overuse the 3D technology in some movies, just to show it off? I don’t know. But I do think “Life of Pi” stands on its own in 2D and would love to see it again either way! And I plan to buy the DVD as soon as it comes out!

      I loved “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” too, and plan to add it to our collection of DVDs as well. We haven’t seen “Argo” yet โ€“ from the trailers I didn’t get the feeling I would enjoy it, but since you recommend it maybe I will try to catch it…

    1. Mags, I’m so happy you got to see this movie in Australia! I have no idea how or when movies are released around the world… I know that there are movies made in other countries that never get to theaters here…

    1. Oh yes, Robin, you simply MUST do something about reading the book and/or seeing the movie! Even Mr. Logic (Tim) loves “Life of Pi!” ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Really? It got nominated? I am so looking forward to seeing it when it comes out on DVD. Still can not even imagine how they made this into a movie.

    1. Kathy, for years I assumed that this amazing story would be impossible to portray on screen โ€“ but it seems it only had to wait for the right technology to come along. I still cannot believe the tiger is computer generated. I can’t wait until you see it!

    1. I suspect the awesome strength of the story will come through just fine on DVD, Diane. I’m a little agoraphobic and rarely venture out alone โ€“ I need someone who understands to hang on to when things get too close or confusing. When it comes out on DVD I will be ordering it and showing it to my dad first thing!

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