fourth day

12.28.12 ~ Kingsland, Georgia
12.28.12 ~ Kingsland, Georgia

…we heard it was snowing in Connecticut, but alas, we were in Georgia…

12.28.12 ~ Kingsland, Georgia
12.28.12 ~ Kingsland, Georgia

Our car ride from Virginia to Georgia was long and grueling, but we finally made it to our destination very late Thursday night. It was so wonderful to see Nate & Shea again, and the rest of their multi-generational family: Shea’s mom, Angie, who so generously gave us her room for a few days, and Shea’s sister Sarah and her two little boys, Julius and Dominic. It is a full house, but a big house, and we thoroughly enjoyed the hospitality we were shown. Angie is a fabulous cook and kindly catered to our food quirks!

12.28.12 ~ Kingsland, Georgia
Dominic and Nate ~ 12.28.12 ~ Kingsland, Georgia

We brought the little guys some Lego bricks sets as a gift. Dominic adores his Uncle – and the feeling is mutual – so we got a kick out of watching Nate help him build his little Lego helicopter.

12.28.12 ~ Kingsland, Georgia
Dominic ~ 12.28.12 ~ Kingsland, Georgia

Dominic loves bugs and animals and I enjoyed reading his dinosaur book to him. Thankfully it had a pronunciation guide. Little ones have so much energy!!!

On the fifth day of Christmas Nate, Shea, Tim and I drove into Florida and ate lunch at Bahama Breeze, a Caribbean seafood restaurant in Jacksonville – the food was great and the atmosphere was tropical. Then the four of us went to see Life of Pi in 3D – it was the 3rd time for me and the 2nd time for Tim, but not in 3D before. The 3D experience was better than I thought it would be!

After we returned to the house we were treated to a spectacular sunset, Georgia style, which kind of made up for missing our snowstorm…

12.28.12 ~ Kingsland, Georgia
12.28.12 ~ Kingsland, Georgia

On the sixth day of Christmas the guys watched football while Shea read her new Nook, a Christmas gift, and I read my old Kindle. Later Tim & I sat up late (late by my standards anyway) into the night with Nate, talking about the movie, interplanetary travel, quantum physics, gun control, and assorted other existential and scientific topics. I am always amazed by these conversations because Nate seems to have gotten his logical side from Tim and his sense of wonder from me in perfectly balanced proportion.

On the seventh day of Christmas we started the long journey home, from southern Georgia to northern Virginia. Lady Zoë was looking for me and let me pet her again, but still was not ready to sit on my lap.

On the eighth day of Christmas we drove from Virginia to Connecticut, resisting the urge to stop by Dima & Larisa’s, but thrilled to find snow still on the ground in Connecticut! Winter is finally here and I hope it plans to stick around for a little while this year. And our Christmas tree was still standing and looking as pretty as when we left – we had been afraid that a week without watering would be the end of her. All in all, it was a wonderful trip!

14 thoughts on “fourth day”

    1. Thanks, Mags – it was a wonderful time, too short, of course. 🙂 It was fun seeing how other people decorated for the holidays, and the different sizes and kinds of Christmas trees…

  1. Hi. I love the snowman on your tree. He looks a little like one on ours. I have so many ornaments, I only put snowflakes and snowmen on the tree. Our tree is dry today. Nice to know yours waited for you so you could enjoy it a little more. Jane

    1. The snowman is on my son and daughter-in-law’s tree – I thought he was very photogenic. Your snowman and snowflake tree sounds so cheerful and quite appropriate for the season! I have a snowman figurine holding a wooden “Let it Snow” sign. We weren’t here the only time it snowed so far this winter – keeping my fingers crossed for a little storm soon…

  2. It has been so nice, sharing your Christmas travels and memories. Our grandsons love Lego too and never seem to tire of it. And it’s such a lovely and quiet activity….relatively speaking 🙂

    1. Lego was the toy our children played with most often as they were growing up – so many fond memories of the hours our young imagineers spent designing all sorts of things. I remember how much I appreciated my parents frequently adding to their collections. When giving gifts to the little ones you can’t go wrong with Lego! 🙂

  3. Oh my word that sounds like a marvellous Christmas Barbara! Your photos are great.
    Are you and Tim still vegetarian?
    And you answered my question that I posted earlier – you finally got to see Life of Pi in 3-D. I think it made a difference. What do you think?

    1. Thank you, Rosie! I’m happy you enjoyed the pictures. 🙂

      Actually, since Tim wound up in the hospital twice after he started the vegan diet, I started reading more books by cardiologists and we finally settled on giving the paleo diet a try. Tim is already losing weight. I keep meaning to write a post about it but with the holidays and more elder care problems I haven’t found or made the time to do so yet.

      I thought Life in Pi in 3D was extra special – far more spectacular than I thought it would be! We had seen Avatar in 3D and were not that impressed. We were pleasantly surprised at how wonderful the 3D was. Perhaps the technology has improved, but for whatever reason, I agree with you and think it would be well worth the effort to see Life of Pi in 3D!

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