water pearl palace

10.12.12 ~ Old Lyme, Connecticut
Water Pearl Palace created by Dylan & Ted Gaffney
10.12.12 ~ Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, Connecticut
10.12.12 ~ Old Lyme, Connecticut
10.12.12 ~ Old Lyme, Connecticut

Queen Moonstone and her sprites live in Water Pearl Palace built in the twisted roots of the giant sycamore tree. During the day they guard this mystical gateway to other worlds, but gather every evening to dance among the great boughs of the tree and along the rippling stream celebrating creativity. Within the many nooks and crannies of the subterranean palace, the sprites leave tokens found during their nightly travels. Visit on a full moon and witness their grand party when they assist all who seek their help.
~ Wee Faerie Village: Land of Picture Making

10.12.12 ~ Old Lyme, Connecticut
10.12.12 ~ Old Lyme, Connecticut

Every leaf speaks bliss to me
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
~ Emily Brontë
(The Complete Poems of Emily Jane Brontë)

10.12.12 ~ Old Lyme, Connecticut
10.12.12 ~ Old Lyme, Connecticut

People must believe what they can, and those who believe more must not be hard upon those who believe less. I doubt if you would have believed it all yourself if you hadn’t seen some of it.
~ George MacDonald
(The Princess & The Goblin)

10.12.12 ~ Old Lyme, Connecticut
10.12.12 ~ Old Lyme, Connecticut

10 thoughts on “water pearl palace”

  1. This makes me think of the book series, “The Borrowers.” I was in love with them: The Borrowers Afield, The Borrows Adrift, The Borrowers Aloft… Great children’s books if you’re not already familiar.

  2. I love your passion Barbara. Its wonderful that you visit these places. Everything seems so different. How lovely & creative. I like the tiny houses decorated on the tree barks. the quotes are apt!! 🙂

    1. Those tiny fairy houses nestled into the tree roots captivated me, too, Sonali. It makes me very happy that you’re enjoying these little treasures at the Florence Griswold Museum. There were so many wee dwellings to look at, it took us the better part of a day to see them all!

    1. Thank you, Robin, and sorry it took me so long to get back here. I still have more fairy houses waiting in the wings – perhaps come January I’ll have time to post them. 🙂

  3. Now that autumn is here again, I am happy to find your blog and to look upon the beauty you have found in your neck of the woods. Thank you for the photography. It gives great peace! I couldn’t resist sharing this post with friends on my facebook page.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Valentina! I do wonder if I will make it to the Florence Griswold Museum for this year’s Wee Faerie Village. This autumn the theme is the Wizard of Oz. My father died September 19, and I’m still busy planning a memorial gathering for him. Thanks for the Facebook share!

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