living is joy enough

"Autumn. Young Woman in a Garden." by Konstantin Korovin
“Autumn. Young Woman in a Garden.” by Konstantin Korovin

I find ecstasy in living; the mere sense of living is joy enough. How do most people live without any thoughts? There are many people in the world – you must have noticed them in the streets – how do they live? How do they get the strength to put on their clothes in the morning?
~ Emily Dickinson
(The Letters of Emily Dickinson, 1845-1886)

6 thoughts on “living is joy enough”

  1. “How do they get the strength to put on their clothes in the morning if they don’t have thoughts?”
    Oh wow amazing to think that Emily Dickinson wrote that! And 150 years ago!

    1. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to have dear Emily as a penpal, a friend, a sister. All my life I’ve looked for people who also have thoughts, and have been so happy to find them in the blogosphere!

  2. I have been having trouble posting comments on your lovely posts, Barbara. I have been sharing them, though, on Pinterest and Facebook. Please know that I am here and enjoying each one so much! Diane XO

    1. I did notice that for a period of time there was a message saying, “This content cannot be displayed in a frame,” taking the place of the comment window. It went away by itself and I have no idea what was going on. Mischievous sprites, no doubt! Sorry you were thwarted in your attempts to comment and many thanks for all your generous sharing on Facebook and Pinterest!! *hugs*

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